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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives LA – Jackie Chrisite’s Gig is Up!

Episode aired:  10/31/2011

I knew the time was coming I just didn’t think that it would take this long.  Jackie has some beautiful ways, however, like anybody, she has some very mean ways.  She has this thing for swaying people to have her beliefs.  Meaning, if she doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t want anybody else to like them.  The way she succeeds is having private meetings with people to get them to dislike whomever is her target at that particular time.

Imani, going by what Jackie has told her of Laura talking trash on her, has called a moving company to take Laura’s belongings out of her house.  She hadn’t even clarified anything with Laura about the rumors, but just on Jackie’s word, she has Laura’s belongings removed.

On the Girls Hawaiian Trip, Imani and Laura finally get to discuss the reasons why Imani has been cold towards Laura and what do you know, they realize they have both been played by the likes of Jackie.  They were both pissed and while they are talking about it on the beach, Jackie is on the other end, pissed because she doesn’t think its fair that Laura and Imani were not sharing with the group what they were talking about.  Jackie was simply paranoid, because she knew she was getting ready to be found out.  It’s funny how she thought it is wrong for the girls to be, what she assumed, talking behind her back, but I guess her one-on-one’s about, Draya, Malaysia, and Laura didn’t count as talking behind their backs….is she serious?

Again, Jackie seems to be a wonderful woman, but what we have seen on this first season of BBW-LA has portrayed her as nothing less than a bully acting in juvenile ways.  I’m glad the girls have decided to confront her, even though they seem a little hesitant in dealing with her, at least Jackie realizes her gig is up and she no longer can manipulate them.  Then again, from what next weeks show looks like, she is very defensive and maybe, she is going to pull out the tougher bully in her to scare a few people into being on her side again.  We will have to see next week.

If anyone has ever mistaken pork for chicken please let me know whether you were drunk or sober.  I have never made that mistake.  I’m not saying it couldn’t be confused, but I have never heard of it.  Jackie’s reaction to eating pork was really “off the chain” in over-reaction, however, I hope she didn’t get sick.

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