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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives LA – Jackie Christie The Jig Is Up!

Episode aired:  11/14/2011

I can’t believe that it took this long for the girls to figure out Jackie Christie.  She seems to have that high school complex “You can be my friend and my friend only!  Don’t talk about me, but we can talk about them!”  She manipulated herself through every girl on the show except Kimsha.  I don’t know what her motive was but, it is clear that she acted as if her intentions were good, unfortunately her actions showed totally different.

You could see the hurt in Jackie, knowing that she was no longer apart of the “IN-CROWD”.  She always thought that she was the leader, I don’t know if it’s because she’s the oldest or because she announces  “This Week On Basketball Wives”.  Not really sure, but its a shame, that none of the girls respect her any longer.

Her photo shoot seemed sad and gloomy and the only thing that kept you from falling asleep was her saying “That’s the shot!  No That’s it!”.  Not sure where her line is going to be, but  best of luck to her.

This was a very interesting season, far more explosive than it’s counter part “Basketball Wives – Miami.  It was apparent, the tables turned several times in this group, but there was no loyalty with any of them accept of course with Laura and Gloria, who are sisters.

Hats off to Gloria for putting herself first and deciding to take a breather with a separation from Matt, I’m hoping that it’s not too long and that her and Matt get back together.  I think he will realize twenty women “here and there” can never amount to one good woman.

I also salute Laura for giving 110% to saving her family.  It is a big step to move to Orlando, Florida  but in the name of family, I certainly hope that everything works out for her.

Draya is a very beautiful girl.  I’m happy she found her voice throughout the show.  Her one liners were absolutely hilarious.  I think she really grew as a woman during this season.  She is definitely going places, I just hope wherever those places are she and her family are proud of it, years from now.

Imani was reserved most of the season, but she certainly voiced her opinion, in confessional.  However, she doesn’t seem like she gets burned twice.  I hope the right man comes into her life and makes her happy.

Malaysia, the “Keep It Real Queen”.  Soft spoken but certainly heard.  What you see is NOT what you get and she proved that being a soft, spoken beautiful woman that she is.  But!!!  If you cross her she will certainly bring the FIRE!  She launched her “Three Beats” Jewelry Line on 11/11/11, so she is doing great things.  Congrats!

Although we didn’t see Kimsha, we could tell that she was laid back, and would never have been a push over.  When she was on the show, she had very little to say, but what we hear loud and clear was that L.A. was not her thing.  I don’t think anybody would have messed with her anyway, she just has that “don’t f*ck with me and we good” swag about her.

I was almost relieved when this season was over because, I was wondering when everyone would figure Jackie out.  In the end Jackie seriously needs to get some counseling, because her ways are evil, but she tries to portray herself as a saviour and classy.  The way the profanity came out of her mouth because she was always either bullying someone or on the defense, is far from classy.  It seems that every other word that comes out of her mouth is profanity which is ridiculous.

Next week’s reunion should be good, I just hope that Jackie doesn’t make her points and talk over everybody else so they can’t get their opinions out.  Jackie has a master’s way of talking over people, twisting what they say, and making it seem like everybody is wrong but her.

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2 thoughts on “Basketball Wives LA – Jackie Christie The Jig Is Up!

  1. i find it interesting that folk think they know a reality TV persona… Jackie is not a bully. Far from insecure and entertainment is not truth.

    Posted by Anonymous | November 18, 2011, 2:49 pm
    • I know it’s entertainment but it is Reality Entertainment. There are a lot of edits but if a person feels the network is portraying them negatively why would they do the show? It seems the paycheck is more important than how one is being portrayed. Thanks for your comment.

      Posted by smarchel | November 18, 2011, 3:37 pm

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