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TRHW of Atlanta

TRHW of Atlanta – Nothing Has Changed!!!

Episode aired:  11/6/2011


Here we go again!  Kim doesn’t have Big Poppa, or her short-lived singing career but she does have 25-year-old Kroy.  It is wonderful that Kim’s girls seem to adore Kroy, but I’m just hoping this isn’t another Kardashian event, only this Kim certainly isn’t making the money that Kim Kardashian is making.  The comments, that Kim made just didn’t seem like a woman in love with a man, it was the comments of a woman in love with a man’s worth.  She made a comment to him saying “You make money off that body, please be careful”, when he was moving her furniture…are you serious?

I do wish them the best as a couple, but I hope that Kim doesn’t try to push Kroy to live out of their means, for show.  Kroy is not Big Poppa, and I hope she slows down on the comparisons of the two, because it’s simply rude.  Kim says “People call me a Gold Digger, but they just want what I got”.  I think she needs to rephrase it and say “They want what she got out of someone else”…I’m just saying.

SPOILER:  Kim gave birth to Kroy Jagger Biermann on May 30, 2011 and she wed Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann on 11/11/11


I love the business mind of Phaedra.  She is a very hard-working woman, that is looking for more ways to stretch into the business world.  What I love about Phaedra, is she is never trying to ride on someone elses coat tails, she is willing to the hard work to get further up in the game.


Cynthia opened up her modeling agency “The Bailey Agency” and she was blessed to have Mr. “J” come and give a workshop to her candidates.  Cynthia is definitely ready to turn Atlanta into the new “New York”.  She believes that Atlanta is on the verge of being big.  Cynthia is definitely in familiar waters, and this looks like it is really going to go well for her.


Kandi is trying to launch her sex toy line.  She really seems to have sex on the brain.  At the same time, with the success of her talk radio show, knowing that “sex” is a big money business, she is right in line to get her share.


Sheree is mad at NeNe about allegedly taking money out of her pocket.  As you will read later own, her confrontation with NeNe was not a pretty one.  Sheree will speak up, and hit below the belt when she curses you out.  Can’t wait to see what Sheree is really up to when the season progresses.


NeNe bought her son a car.  People are probably going to talk mess about NeNe buying her son a car, because of his behavior last season.  It’s her son…and there is nothing wrong with her getting her son a car.  Kids make their parents mad all the time, that doesn’t mean you can’t forgive your child and keep it moving.

The room is tense the moment Sheree walks into the.  She called Sheree “Star Jones”, when Sheree started talking about black women bringing other black women down.  That’s when things blew up.  NeNe informed Sheree that she doesn’t need to take anything from her because she is rich!  Sheree couldn’t let NeNe get the best of her so she came hard and starting attacking NeNe’s teeth among other things.

Food for thought, unless you absolutely sure of a rumor, when in a heated confrontation, “Do not bring up old grimey stories to hurt the other person!”  Sometimes, things like this can be very regretful.  I don’t think Sheree should have been bent out of shape over a situation, with a man she barely knew versus a person she has known for a very long time.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think NeNe stole anything from Sheree.  How much money NeNe has and how much money Sheree has is irrelevant.  The relevance is “Do you end a relationship behind something that has happened so long ago?”

I really thought NeNe was sincere when she cried to Cynthia.  Although, when I watched “Watch What Happens” with guest Wendy Williams, I got a different opinion.  Wendy thinks NeNe is playing Cynthia for sympathy and Cynthia is playing on NeNe to get more paid appearances, because of NeNe’s notoriety.

So nothing has really changed…Kim is still money hungry, Kandi still talking about sex, Phaedra is still hustling.  Oh dang I stand corrected, a few changes are Kim’s pregnant, Cynthia’s opened a Modeling Agency, Phaedra is breaking into the Funeral business, Kandi’s trying to launch her Sex Toy Line, Sheree is doing speaking engagements and the best of all and don’t forget, NeNe is Rich!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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