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TRHW of Atlanta – The Wait Is Over

WRITTEN BY:  Msn-YaBizzness

The Wait is Over…

The new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back. On the first episode Kim moves into her new home with Kroy and her daughters and she anxiously awaits the arrival of Kroy, Jr. NeNe is newly separated from her husband Greg. In this episode she is buying her eldest son Brice, a new car because he crashed his truck. And of course she knows the car salesman and is banking on a discount….If you apparently got all this money from Celebrity Apprentice why would you need a discount you should be able to pay full price regardless if it’s negotiable or not. My fellow Clevelander Sheree, has some beef with NeNe. It seems that Sheree tried to bring her in on a deal and she was trying to as she put it “backdoor” her. And she’s not happy and of course is planning on confronting her. The Model Cynthia has made up her mind to start her own modeling agency called The Bailey Agency. And she auditioned everyone from ages 11-35. Miss J from America’s Next Top Model came to visit Cynthia and help with her with her auditioning process.

The Southern Belle Phaedra has a funeral for her great-aunt and she does all the planning. And when I say that it was extravagant I am not exaggerating. She did the whole nine yards, but hey its family and that’s how they wanted to send her off. And then she decides that she wants to open up her own funeral home. In my opinion Its kind of strange that a lawyer wants to open up a funeral home but hey if she feels that’s her calling more power to her. She told her husband that she is going to need someone to carry the bodies and her husband Apollo looked at her like she was crazy. But can you blame him???

The Real Atlanta Native Kandi wants to make her own sex toys line that might be called Bedroom Kandi. She even calls herself the Intimate Luxury Specialist. And she tells Sheree and Phaedra how they are used and they are amazed. The salesperson shows them a doggy-style wedge and Phaedra says that she is going to try to talk Apollo into using it.

The success that NeNe has gotten off “Celebrity Apprentice” has definitely gone to her head. She has no humbleness and it’s really unfortunate and sad. Bringing others down to make your pedestal higher is wrong and unnecessary. She talks about how little the money was but she didn’t turn it down….!!!! NeNe and Sheree sit and try to settle what went down in Philadelphia. They’re discussing what happened and Sheree made a statement about black women not supporting each other and NeNe said what does that have to do with anything? To me she’s just saying why can’t we support one another and want to see each other succeed without jealousy being involved. So then Sheree called Tyrone and he confirmed that he did talk to NeNe while she’s saying that he only talked to Diana. She said that she couldn’t take it and walked out of the restaurant. Sheree follows her saying that NeNe had her first car repossessed and that Sheree was losing cars. And that she needs to buy a house and a car. After that each of them got in their cars and left. Sheree said “was she gone choke me “hell no the bitch ain’t crazy that she could meet her in the alley all day long”.

NeNe calls Cynthia over her house to discuss what happened with Sheree. And Cynthia is taking her side and is telling her that she is above everyone that she started with and saying that it’s JEALOUSY….Really????And Nene says I won’t stab you in the back I’ll stab you in the CHEST….WOW… Can’t wait till next week Stay Tuned!!!!!



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