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TRHW of New Jersey

TRHW of New Jersey – Theresa Displays Her Disloyalties

Episode aired:  10/16/2011

I saw it, I saw, I saw it from the very beginning and now it’s finally come out.  Theresa has never had anybody’s back but her husband, her girls and especially HERSELF!

Theresa was so hostile and defensive in the reunion and I’m guessing she had to do the Reunion because she absolutely needs the money!  She spent the whole first part of this reunion snapping because that was the only way she could try to cover up the disloyalty that she displayed this whole season.

She said that the insults that she wrote about Caroline, Caroline’s children, Melissa, Jacqueline and her cousin were jokes.  If it was considered a joke I believe the people who was considered her family, would have been notified before the book was published about the so-called joke.  It certainly wasn’t a joke that was just Theresa’s story that she gave to take the blame off of herself.  If the shoe was on the other foot and someone said that about her girls, let’s just say if tables were in the studio they would have been turned over.

I do credit Caroline for admitting that she treated Kathy and Melissa bad because of how Theresa talked about them.  She felt that because she always protected Theresa, she went with Theresa opinion of them.  I believe Caroline when she said Theresa told her not to compliment Melissa.

Theresa got mad because her adult cousin Kathy and Sister-in-law Melissa because they did the show without telling her.  I don’t think I saw Theresa as an executive producer, I think I missed that.

Whatever the case, Theresa is so self-centered, she could be a beautiful person if she realized the world doesn’t revolve around her and her family.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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