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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives LA – Reunion Part 1 – Not Too Exciting

Episode aired:  11/21/2011

The ladies were very classy and looked beautiful as ever!  John Salley tried his best to get the ladies going but they kept their composure better than expected.  There was still some tension, but it was hard to tell if any of the ladies are still in association with Jackie Christie.  The fear Jackie used to have by the ladies was definitely not present in this episode.

John hit Imani about dating, Gloria about her separation with Matt, Laura about her fights with Malaysia and Draya, Draya about the false accusations with her son, Malaysia about her fight with Laura and with each one of them Jackie was involved.  With everything that went on in the season, I don’t think this episode, really unfolded anything.

I still stand by the only loyalties in this show is with Laura and Gloria because they are sisters.  From this point on, when they start taping again, it is going to be specifically for the check.  With the girls all feeling some kind of way, and discovering whether or not rumors were true, what is next season going to be based off of?  The only way it will survive, is the ladies act as if they have forgiven Jackie, only to create more drama, which in turn will be fake, especially if you already feel you will never trust someone.

Maybe next week, they will go into specifics of what was said by each girl and that information being confirmed or denied.

What wasn’t a topic was Malaysia’s jewelry line, Laura’s move, and how Jackie’s clothing line is doing.

Congrats for Gloria with her movie role and Draya for her hosting gigs.  Seems that their careers’ are taking form.

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