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Basketball Wives L.A.

Basketball Wives LA – Reunion Part 2 – EVERYBODY CANNOT BE WRONG!

Episode aired:  11/28/2011

John Salley said it right!  “Jackie you’re being delusional these chicks don’t like you!”  I believe the best word for Jackie is “Sybil” because today’s show really showed many different personalities.  It was amazing to see her say that all the ladies were her homegirls’, how much she loved them and then call them all h@es in the same show.

I have tried to find the good in Jackie, which is her marriage to her husband, being a published author, her clothing line, and her relationship with her children, at least two of them anyway.  Unfortunately, when Jackie said she doesn’t like the way the public portrays her as a maniac, psychotic etc., she doesn’t realize that is exactly what viewers saw in this season.  I know that Jackie and the other girls has some haters, we all do, BUT, when the majority of the comments and press is negative, EVERYBODY CANNOT BE WRONG!

I agree with Imani saying in so many words it was a wasteful 5 months.  None of the positive aspects of the show are even memorable.  The entire show had a negative cloud over it.  Jackie even laughed at herself when she said she was a leader.  Jackie likes to be the savior, the injured bird and the bully all in one and that is far from leadership. Counseling is certainly needed for her.  I would love to have a meeting with Jackie, so that I can meet the “Real” Jackie Christie that she says nobody knows, because I would be honored to report positive aspects of Jackie (someone please deliver this message to Jackie, she blocked me on twitter months ago!).

I wish all of the ladies which includes Jackie Christie the best with their individual lives.  I always want to see women soar!  I know independent blog interviews may not be the ladies thing, but if ever they would be willing, I would love to interview the ladies and keep my readers informed on the POSITIVE production in their lives!

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