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Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Can We All Just Get Along?

Episode aired 11/8/2011

Yandy needs to take a step back, and critically think.  Yes, everybody is about making money, but a good business person NEVER lets anyone know what they are thinking.  Whenever you work for someone they are certainly supposed to be your priority, BUT the one thing you never express out loud that it’s all about the money (“I’m definitely about the check!” said by Yandy) when it comes to your client, that is very shady.  Not answering the phone on purpose, when a client calls breaks another rule and it kinda even contradicted “messing with your money”.  The rule is never let your personal feelings interrupt what you are paid to do.  I’m not saying that Yandy is all wrong, because discussions on her clients, should not be discussed with his girl, however, I understand Chrissy defending her man.  That’s extremely a touchy situation.

I understand Chrissy feeling like it wasn’t good business for Yandy to be dancing to “Psychotic” which happens to be a diss song that Jones’ mom made toward Chrissy.  They should know by now that joking about Chrissy’s relationship with Jim’s mom is not cool.  They also should know by now how passionate Chrissy is when it comes to her man.

Emily, I am so very happy for her finding her way in this cruel world.  I know it has to be very scary, but she is proving that it can be done.  I know that what Kimbella did was absolutely wrong but the toast to her “You are the most qualified, you had the most black men in you, including mine”, was kinda stooping to Kimbella’s level, but sometimes, we do things to get back at people for hurting you and realize the hurt still remains anyway.  The only way someone can completely take away the hurt is by focusing on yourself and your children. You can’t be happy trying to bring another person misery.

I hope Somaya doesn’t fall for the one-two punch.  Barry wants her to be successful and I’m sure her having an intimate relationship with Swift, the producer Barry has hired is not what he was thinking. Focusing on your career should continue to be your priority number one. SPOILER ALERT!

Hoping that Olivia can learn how to let things go.  Somaya is really trying to make things right with her and she is really not trying to hear it.  Somaya admits to being wrong and trying to show it.  You are both entertainers on different levels, not need to think one level is better than the other.

Can we all just get along?  With these relationships I hope they can forgive and move on!

  • Congratulations to Emily for getting her keys to her new home!
  • Congratulations to Kimbella for making the cover of “Black Men’s Magazine“!
  • Congratulations to Somaya for impressing Barry with her performance and getting a new producer!
  • Congratulations to Olivia to taking baby steps to reconcile with Somaya!
  • Congratulations to Chrissy for keeping it real!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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