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Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values 2 – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Episode aired:  11/10/2011

Since last season Toni has moved to L.A. which is the best move for her health because of her diagnosis with Lupus.  Towanda is now concentrating on becoming an actress.  Although her and her husband Andre and their children are living with Trina and Gabe.  Trina and Gabe are having issues, because Gabe is not happy with Towanda and her family living with them or the fact that she is spending a lot of time with the band working on her own material.  Traci is still waiting for the Braxton Family Album, but feels she might have to take a step back and take a long look at her career path.  Momma Evelyn is still wanting the girls to sing together as well.  She is very proud of the girls, but she don’t want the success to interfere with who they are and she is determined not to let their success tear the family apart.  Last but not least Tamar.com!  Since her husband has been hard at work with Lady GaGa, Tamar has been going into the studio on her own.  She said her sisters are hating on her, but her plans are certainly to move forward and go World Wide!  So just like Toni says, it’s going to be interesting to se how the girls share the spotlight.

As fabulous as Tamar is and reminds every one of how fabulous she is, I hope she realizes how blessed she is to have a husband like Vince, to remind her to be GRATEFUL!  He certainly keeps it real by letter her know, that although she is getting a lot of calls from people wanting to work with her on music, acting and product endorsements, she must remember that NO ONE was calling her two years ago.  Tamar is blessed!

Towanda, Towanda, Towanda!  Her and Andre are officially separated, but she says she allows him to stay with her so that they can raise the kids together.  Now that is not as bad as it may sound, however, when you say you allow him to stay, it might sound better if it were not in somebody elses house, that you are not contributing to any of the bills for.  Andre says that he is a proud man, but he obviously isn’t too proud to sit jobless in another man’s home, with absolutely no intentions on finding a job. He’s working on a book?  NEWS BULLETIN!!!! You cannot work on books when you have a family to feed!  Gabe has every right to be pissed.  Yes, Trina is looking out for her sister, but that is not a good idea when your relationship is on shaky ground with your husband.

I was a little afraid when Tamar walked out on the conversation that was going on between Trina, Toni, their mom and herself.  I really thought Momma Evelyn was going to run after her and knock her out!  Momma Evelyn just seems like one of those mother’s that don’t take no mess.  My notion was close to being right when later, Momma told Tamar “I did not come from your womb, you came from mine!”.  She also told Tamar “The next time you disrespect me, I’mma slap the piss out of you!”  Tamar must have known she meant business, because she didn’t say a word after her mother made that comment.  I’m glad that Tamar wants to make up with her mom, however, she needs to learn to do more listening to her mom before speaking.

This episode was titled R.E.S.P.E.C.T. but it showed nothing but disrespect.  Hope the next show can iron out some of these issues, because things are not looking real kosher with the Braxton’s right now.

NOTE:  Wonderful that Toni and Keri are dating!

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