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America's Supernanny

Season Premier of America’s Supernanny

Episode aired:  11/29/2011

The Season Premier of America’s Supernanny with Deborah Tillman and Ms. Deborah had her hands full dealing with the Weeks-Suszczynski family of Accord, NY.   Mark and Kim are the parents of 9-year-old Neva, 5-year-old Nora and 4-year-old Tate.

Mark is a Chef at his own restaurant, Kim is a stay at home mom who never has any time to herself, because even when Mark is home, he leaves to go bike riding for about 4 hours.  Neva was being ignored because her parents were too busy dealing with the younger children’s issues.  This therefore, caused her to have low self-esteem.  Nora was the clingy child, that was highly hysterical when her parents left home for alone time.

Deborah looking cute with her “Michelle Obama” look, did conquer all the issues with Mark, Kim, Neva and Nora.  Mark spends more time with the family, Kim spends more time with Neva and Nora now accepts when Mom and Dad go out.

I left one thing separate, because it bothered me.  Little Tate has a problem with spitting on his parents!  Deborah introduced Tate to the “Calm Down Corner”, for the spitting, hitting, kicking among other things.  Sorry, I”m not with that!  Spitting on someone is one of the most nastiest, and disrespectful things anyone can do to someone else and especially a child doing it to their parents.  The “Calm Down Corner” to me was not near the right punishment.

Let’s just say, if it were my child spitting on someone, it would have only been a one-time thing guaranteed!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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