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America's Supernanny

Supernanny vs America’s Supernanny?

Episode aired 11/29/2011

The Season Premier of America’s Supernanny, that has left ABC and is now on Lifetime, is staring Deborah Tillman, who has basically picked up where Jo Frost’s Supernanny ended.  There were rumors on why Jo left the show but she is pursuing other projects and you can read the article “The Facts About The Next Season of Supernanny, etc.” on her website.  America’s Supernanny is basically the same as Supernanny with “Ms. Deborah” adding her touches that include the “Calm Down Corner”.

Unfortunately, behind closed doors, Jo is not happy.  She did an interview with Daily Mail, By Sharon Churcher and Caroline Grahamand and said:  ‘” decided to leave after season seven, earlier this year. But then they [Shed Media] made up this story that I was running off to get married and have children. I am not at all happy. I feel like I worked really hard to get where I am. I am Supernanny. That’s me. I only know that Deborah Tillman is an accountant and a businesswoman. She has never been a nanny.

“She has teachers who are the real ones who do the work. She sits behind a desk. Until you have dealt with the sick and the mess of children, it is very hard to advise anyone else. I have been a nanny since I was 14. I’ve been in the trenches. What qualifies her to offer advice?”

Even though Jo is unhappy, I hope she doesn’t feed into the media by downplaying Deborah.  What does qualify Deborah. however is she was the neighborhood babysitter between the ages of 13-17, a master’s degree in early childhood special education from George Washington University, the founder of three child-care centers in Northern Virginia, and most importantly she is a mother and along with her husband, raised her now 19-year-old son Zeplyn.  I think this a good foundation of qualifying!

In an article with the Washington Post by Emily Yahr Deborah said:  “I don’t want to mimic anybody,” said Tillman, who is making her TV debut. “This is me being very real, very transparent. It’s not a role. I just go in and do what I would normally do, and put techniques in place to help families.”

Congratulations to Deborah with the new show, I mean honestly, if she didn’t take the job, somebody else certainly would have.  The show must go on!

Best of luck to Jo Frost with her new ventures, she’s already doing segments on Rachel Ray, so we definitely will be seeing more of Jo in the future.

So is there really Supernanny vs. America’s Supernanny?  I say not, it’s just two women having something in common, helping families come together by dealing with their uncontrollable children.  Let’s hope they don’t feed into the Media hype!

You can tune in to Lifetime TV Tuesday nights at 9/8c to view America’s Supernanny.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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