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Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values 2 – Chaos.com!

Episode aired:  11/17/2011

Beauty School Drop-Out

A little confused on Andre saying that Towanda needs to concentrate on some of his needs.  I thought they were separated and their focus jointly was only on their children?  I guess Gabe has 1/4 of his issue taken care of.  Towanda is going to L.A. to train Toni’s new assistant, Zo.  We will address this further, when we gather more information, but it doesn’t look like Zo is going to work out.

Tamar goes to Record Plant Recording Studios where she is introduced to TC who is a new up and coming song writer/producer that has written songs for Brandy and Beyonce.  Vincent is the executive producer for Tamar and TC is going to write a song for her.  It is beautiful how Vincent is believing in his wife. Then the big backfire!  Tamar is certainly acting like a true Diva!  She is doing the directing and being Tamar.com!  “NOT LISTENING OR TAKING DIRECTION”.  At the rate she is going, her album won’t be out for another two years.

I feel for Towanda because Toni is almost demanding to have Towanda as her full-time personal assistant.  However, Toni is not thinking about the situation with Towanda’s family.  Towanda has her children as well, and I know Toni loves her sister, but unless the footage is on the cutting room floor, Toni needs to support her sister in taking care of her own children first.  She should at least assist Towanda in finding her own place so she can get out Trina’s house.

Toni tells Tamar “Put on your big girl panties”, and call Harvey Mason to produce her.  How she is going to tell Vince is a whole new story.  Going behind Vince’s back is certainly the wrong thing to do and of course she doesn’t listen to her mom originally and has the meeting with Harvey without telling Vince.

Trina has a “Tale of Two Stories”, Salon and Singing!. Traci is on a Merry Go Round that is sitting in the middle of a maze.  Her stepping back and taking a look at her life path, is going to take a little longer to pinpoint.

I think it is great that Tamar did discuss with Vince her plans with working with Harvey, which shows she does trust her husband, however, it shows she knows him too, because his reaction was exactly as she said it would be….against it.  However, I hope she realizes her husband definitely is going to have her back, before Harvey!

Everyone was running in circles during this episode, let’s see if they slow down in the next episode.

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