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Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Let Bygones Be Bygones…Move On!

Episode aired:  12/05/2011

Great move for Jim to incorporate Chrissy into the business!  Damn! I spoke to soon, it got to be straight on who works for who first, because apparently Chrissy is not going for the working for Jim thing.  Hopefully they can work it out and Move on!

Hoping that Emily stops meeting with Kimbella!  There is nothing else to talk about!  They are walking in circles.  Kimbella says they could possibly be friends, but that is surely an accident waiting to happen.  Kimbella meant well but chose the wrong place and time to tell Emily of her dealings with Fab.  It’s over…Move on!

Olivia and Rich should maybe hit up Tyrese because he certainly knows how to do things independently.  I mean Hello, Tyrese is tearing the charts up independently!  Congratulations to Olivia meeting with Wayne Williams from Sony Music A&R.  He certainly is keeping it real, but if frustrates her. She had a break-down with Yandy, but Yandy was right, put what people are saying in your back pocket and find out why they are saying it.  Olivia has an amazing voice and she is certainly right, not to give up, so if she cannot knock those doors in, she needs to take effect in her own shop and make it do what it do…Move on!

Heart is pouring for Jim Jones, because like he said keeping the two most important women in his life apart is so very hard.  Momma Jones has her mind in the right place, because she is the elder in the situation and her son is important enough to her to call a truce with Chrissy and Move on!

Nancy and Chrissy’s meeting seemed to be a success!  Nancy was tearing up and very sincere, showing that she loves her son and she wants to have a relationship with the woman that he loves.  Chrissy was very receptive as well, she even was okay with Nancy making money off of her t-shirts, but did point out that psychotic was spelled wrong “physichotic” is what Nancy has already put on 10,000+ shirts.  Oh well, like Nancy said physichotic is the stage right before psychotic as long as they sale is all that matters so they can…Move on!

Emily was invited to a sex party by Kimbella, I guess she is trying to be the bigger person, but it will be hard to see her moving on while hanging out with one of the girls that was with her dude while she was pregnant with his baby.  Emily seems very forgiving and that is okay, I just hope that she doesn’t get her feelings hurt again by Kimbella.  In a sense, that makes Chrissy beating up Kimbella all for nothing, but Emily is trying to put it behind her and Move on!

Chelsea Rooftop with the Moroccan dinner was a wonderful gesture by Jim for Chrissy!  Chrissy, honey just sit back and enjoy the moment, don’t dissect everything.  It’s obvious of how Jim loves Chrissy because she is true definition of “Ryde or Die”!  Accept it!  Love it!  Move on!

To say the very least the girls seemed to enjoy the sex party that included toys and drinks named after Emily.  The female strippers were giving lap dances and Olivia and company was As@ slapping, drinking, having a good time and then Kimbella’s hair caught on fire!  Luckily she wasn’t wearing a weave because it didn’t go up in flames.  So once “Thunder” put Kimbella’s hair out, the real party started!  YEP…the male strippers came in to perform. Emily ran away from them and sat on the opposite side of the dancers and watched as the party…Moved on!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

SCREEEEECH!  Chrissy walks in and Kimbella pulls her to the side expecting an apology, but she certainly didn’t get it.  Chrissy let Kimbella know there is no Dialogue between them after what has happened…Move on!

The one that is not happening on this show is letting go!  You don’t have to like a person to respect them.  Certainly you don’t have to be in the company of someone you don’t like.  With that being said, let bygones be bygones and Move on!



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