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TRHW of Atlanta

TRHW of Atlanta – NeNe Was Tardy For The Party!

Episode aired:  11/4/2011

It is very sad when a father/mother that is not living in the home with their children, feels like they shouldn’t be contributing to the children.  I understand that Bob Whitfield feels like when the kids are at his house he does his job financially for them but the kids are not with him for half of their time.  No man or woman should have to be drug to court to take care of the children that they help produce!  Bob better get ready because he hasn’t paid child support in 4-years and something is telling me that Phaedra is going to represent Sheree and get every dime and then some that he owes to his children.  I hope Sheree is careful with the “throwing water in Bob’s face” thing, because he could certainly use that against her in court on why he doesn’t deal with her.

Hat’s off to Peter for pulling off his Grand Opening of Bar One!  For those who were listening to everyone poke fun at the location, I can tell you one of the most popular clubs in Cleveland was the Mirage on the Water and it sat at the bottom of some projects.  My point is, with good management a club can be successful no matter the loation.  Like Phaedra said, Peter has HUSTLE, therefore, Bar One should be okay!

I hope that whatever happened with NeNe to get her to the Grand Opening (Tardy For The Party!) in the last five minutes, was big.  It probably would have been better for her not to come at all.  Peter and Cynthia were very uncomfortable about it, but I’m sure they will address it another day, because it wasn’t the right time to do it at the Grand Opening. Charles Grant cut the rumor of everybody saying NeNe was late because she was avoiding him (they allegedly dated) and pointed out that NeNe didn’t speak to Sheree, Phaedra or Lawrence.  We will have to see what’s up with that in upcoming episodes.

I’m glad that Kandi and her mom made up, you can tell Kandi loves her mother with everything and she always wants things right with her mom.  Although, Kandi’s mom definitely is no non-sense, she kind of remind me of Evelyn Braxton.

Next week, Kim goes into labor, Sheree is served by Bob…that should be interesting!

UPDATE:  Is Bob Whitefield Really a Deadbeat Father?   There is some information floating on the internet to say he is not!  You be the judge are they true or false?

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