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TRHW of Beverly Hills

TRHW of Beverly Hills – Somebody Please Help Taylor!

Episode aired:  12/05/2011

The reality shows always have a number of cast, but it always seems to be that one person that leaves an impression on the season of the show.  Taylor is not revealing something and until she does she is going to stay doomed.  Alcohol should never be in her hands at this point and now she is smoking cigarettes?  This victim thing is becoming redundant and the other women treating her like a baby is just pointless.  I don’t know how she even shows her face.  She looked like an absolute fool screaming “It’s Not Fair!  It’s Not Fair!”  Are you kidding me?

Taylor lost her husband, which should be really hard to deal with so to continue with a show that would put you in a fishbowl of judgement puts you big steps back from recovery.  My prayers go out to her, but more so to Bravo for allowing this to continue.

Don’t get me wrong whoever that Dedra is she was way out of line confronting Taylor, but Dedra wasn’t the only thing that made Taylor go off.  Why Bravo even continues to show footage of Taylor making a complete fool of herself is horrible on their part.

As far as Brandi goes she should also put Dedra out of her house as well.  Dedra got the whole mess started and why she came out smelling like a rose is wrong.  What was also wrong was her parading around without a bra.


Taylor looked so much better present day on “Watch What Happens Now”.  She admitted to getting help for daughter and herself.  Her sense of humor seems to be on point.  She also expressed that she has a huge support system with family and friends.  Very happy for Taylor!

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