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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 17, Gossip/News Reports/Announcements

ANTM – Cycle 17 – Finale – Angelea Preston (Disqualified) Bamboozled by Her Own Hand?


Gossip Report

Allegedly, before the Finale, Angelea leaked who the final 3 were on her Facebook. It’s being said, Angelea won the cycle during the ACTUAL finale but after looking into the leak the producers decided to re-film the finale in LA with the other 2 finalist and name Lisa as the winner.

My Opinion

Hindsight is 20/20,  and when I went back and watched the finale, here are some questions that entered my mind:

  • Why was Angelea torn to pieces at the final runway show?
  • Did Angelea know then, what she had done and what was going to happen?
  • Why did Angelea seem a little more shaken up than usual?
  • Why wasn’t there any real excitement in the girls during runway commentary/after the show and it seemed staged?
  • Why during Panel was Lisa’s “Wild Child” Brand nowhere to be found?
  • Why was this the gloomiest Panel in Top Model history?

I don’t know what really happened, however, if the rumors are true, I don’t believe that Angelea was being malicious. I believe she was excited and used poor judgment and didn’t think about the rules at that moment.  Lisa said after the runway show Angelea “wasn’t feeling well”, and that seemed a little suspect, because Angelea’s behavior was extremely odd after she “NAILED” her runway performance.  Tyra didn’t even appear to be herself either, during panel.

Allison’s eyes and innocents makes me love her even more. I feel bad for Lisa D’Amato, because now people are going to think she was the winner by default. I think she did an amazing job thoughout the show, however, I believe that Angelea grew and had a better performance than the other girls on the final runway.

The whole situation is sad, because this is how the 1st ANTM All Star Cycle will be remembered.  The real truth will come out about ANTM All Stars, I just hope it doesn’t destroy careers.  Who knows with this industry, somebody might be apologizing to Angelea!

Best of luck to Allison, Angelea, and Lisa with their careers.


I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

If there was no disqualification, who do you think should have won?


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