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Once You Go Apple You’ll Never Use PCs Again!

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This was the year of my official change!  In eight years, I have gone through five personal computers (PC’s).  I love electronics and I always want to have the latest technology.  However, I noticed, I always got bored with my PC’s and the number one problem I wanted more speed.  I have been using computers since  they were first introduced to my former high school, my senior year, almost 25 years ago.  I constantly bought new computers trying to find that perfect one.  I had always heard of Apple Products and even saw the commercials, but I always ignored them.  I just rather stick to what I knew, which was PC’s and pay top dollar for them.  Unfortunately it got to the point, where PC’s bored me all together so I geared my attention to cellular phones.

When I was satisfied with the phone I was back to wanting  computer, but I really was shopping around this time around.  What it really came down to is that I was afraid of the transition and didn’t think I would be able to learn how to maneuver an Apple Mac Laptop.  Then it hit me!  My 24-year-old son graduated from college in 2010 and he went through 4 computers (even now because his last PC is permanently broken, he is without a computer).  However, my daughter is in her senior year of college and we bought her a MacBook in 2008 and she still has that very same MacBook computer, that has never been serviced, no viruses, absolutely no problems.  So in the long run, Macs’ are a little more expensive, but with all of the PC’s my son and myself have been through, it would have been cheaper to get a MacBook in the first place.

My change started this passed February 2011, I received the gift of an iPhone4 for my birthday.  I absolutely loved it.  If I could sell all of the applications that I have purchased thus far, I would be a rich woman ( I will review the iPhone4 in a future blog).  Once, I got the iPhone, I got a Galaxy Tab in the same month.  I liked how the Galaxy Tab was compact, but  found myself barely using it. I then decided to purchase the iPad2, which at first I thought it was senseless, but ultimately, I was excited (I will review the iPad2 in a future blog).

Next, I purchased the MacBook Air in April 2011, and I took the free workshop class, at the Apple Store, to learn how to use my MacBook Air as I had previously did with my iPad2.  I also purchased the One-to-One program, which allowed me to watch videos on-line on how to use any of my Apple products and even schedule on-line “one on one” workshops at the Apple Store.  I absolute loved it!  it was compact and lite, but it was powerful!  I took it everywhere I went.

I got the itch again, because being in college I was sick of scrolling on my MacBook Air soooo, I purchased a MacBook Pro in October 2011!  Talk about excited!  The other fantastic thing is I can even read my textbooks for school on my iPad2, no more carrying books for me!

My point is I love Mac products, and with the new iCloud App is so wonderful because my MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad2 and my iPhone all sync, so that I don’t have to retype anything!  If I change a contact, or read an email, it automatically syncs to my other devices, how cool is that?

I would do a commercial for Apple, because I don’t think I will ever use another brand at this point.  I am a full-circle Mac Girl, with my MacBook Pro, iPhone4 and iPad!  I am even working on switching my other three children to Apple Laptops, although they already have the iPods.

So, that is why I say….Once You Go Apple You Never Use PCs Again!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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