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“I’m So 22 Right Now” Says Taylor Swift on her Birthday 12/13/2011


Happy Birthday!  America’s Sweetheart born, Wednesday, December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania at Brampton Civic Hospital.  Who would have thought Taylor would have been bringing 2011 to an end turning 22 years old and having the amazing year that she has had thus far.

Taylor has a lot more to celebrate with four Grammy’s already under her belt she has been nominated for three more which includes Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Song for the song “Mean”, and Best Country album for the album titled “Speak Now”.

People Choice has also nominated Taylor for three of their 2012 awards which includes, Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Country Artist and Favorite Tour Headliner.

In June 2011, The Boot named Swift The Country Royalty, along with Carrie Underwood because they were the only female country artists to be ranked on Rolling Stone’s Queens of Pop list.

In 2011, she was listed in the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records as the Fastest Selling Digital Album by a Female Artist for her album Speak Now, and Most Simultaneous U.S. Hot 100 Hits by a Female Artist.

Just in December 2011 alone, so far, Billboard magazine named her Woman of the Year, and she was awarded the prestigious Harmony Award from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra for her achievements in music across many genres.

I don’t think there is enough room in this blog for the countless other accolades she has achieved in 2011.  The funny thing is December is not over yet!  At the tender age of 22, her stories of accolades to her grandchildren years from now will be never-ending.  I don’t know Taylor personally but from what I have gathered, billing her “America’s Sweetheart” is right!  I don’t think there is anyone in the game at this point that can top her in her craft or genre!

Happy 22nd Birthday Taylor Swift!  Her tweet she sent out today says it all “I’m so 22 right now”.  Hoping she enjoy her day, and that she gets a chance to breathe in 2012!

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