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Reality TV has always been intriguing to viewers.  It seems it became contagious starting with Real World – New York that has been going strong since 1992 and to date is the longest running series on MTV.  It is credited to be the show that started the Reality Show Genre. Reality TV started with just ordinary people rooming together going through trials and tribulations.  Now we have shows on parenting, lifestyles, dating, cooking, fashion, dancing, singing, acting, and the list goes on.

You have your viewers that either love Reality Shows or hate them, but the fact remains, Reality Shows are here to stay and the viewers are in record-breaking numbers. What is it about Reality Shows that keep people tuned in depends on the person watching.  They may make you mad, make you laugh, inspire you or simply keep you entertained.  Television networks are infested with reality shows and always looking for new ones to keep the viewers coming back.

This Blog will keep you informed on some of your favorite Reality Shows as well as some of my personal experiences. If you don’t see your favorites on this blog, please feel free to send me an email and I will certainly blog about the shows you want to read about.

As a bonus I will also blog about celebrities and fictional shows that certainly deserve a buzz!  It would be an honor for Cast, Entertainers, Musicians, Fellow Bloggers, etc. to grant us interviews and comments.  I am thrilled at the growth of my blog in 5 short months and I thank everyone for their interest and amazing support!

Thank you for stopping by and please comment and let us know your views on the Reality Shows, etc.  You can also subscribe, and/or follow me on twitter <s>@</s>ListenSpeak11



Email: listenspeak11@gmail.com



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