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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 17, Gossip/News Reports/Announcements

ANTM – Cycle 17 – Angelea Preston’s New Management claims Press Conference a Miscommunication!



Angelea’s new management “Jeff Cohen, President of Model Management Group in New York” issued an exclusive with Wetpaint.  Jeff says that the announcement last week of a “tell all” press conference was never confirmed and/or authorized by Angelea and it was a miscommunication.  He also said Angelea has been on the show before, therefore she is very educated on the rules (referring to Angelea allegedly, posting the announcement on Facebook). As far as Angelea’s silence, once her management finds out all the needed information about the disqualification, and get things sorted out, then Angelea will make a statement.  Here is the exclusive WETPAINT had with Jeff Cohen.

My Opinion

I think, I’m going to wait this one out as well.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

source:  Wetpaint




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