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Reality TV Pimping on Ignorance and Drama!


Since MTV started the Real World, TV is saturated with Reality TV.  Maybe people were hooked because they saw people on television in real life, that they could relate to.  It may seem that these reality shows were to help the cast members or maybe even help the people who are watching.  What is clear is that with no drama, there will be no show!

There are shows that are somewhat interactive, like cooking shows (minus Top Chef), and this is not what I am focusing on.  What I am focusing on are the shows that actually follow the lives on a group of people.  A few of the popular franchises that stand out are The Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Dance Moms, Hanging With The Kardasians, etc.

The one thing that the above franchises have in common is, “They already were living good lives at some point or another”.  It seems that the networks are making the rich richer and keeping the poor watching!  Again, this isn’t all of the Reality Shows but it is a good number of them and they become very popular by negative behavior and ignorance.

The shows are very entertaining and the players don’t mind, because a good number of them end up venturing into other money-making careers, that probably never crossed their minds before doing the show.  Don’t get me wrong it is nothing wrong with “getting your hustle on”, but getting it at what cost?  I haven’t done a study, this is just on general observation, so I welcome anyone to correct me if I am wrong.

Reality TV promotes, adults peeing in diapers, “Non f’g Factor” t-shirts, sleeping with other people’s significant others, having babies out-of-wedlock, beating people up, going into drunking-commas, taking drugs, pranks that does bodily harm, money driven/fake marriages, 4-year-olds with eyelashes and hairpieces talking back to their parents, those same parents living their dreams through their children to have a meal ticket, sex tapes, record deals for horrible singers, acting roles for people who can’t act, etc.  I could go on and on, but my point is, reality tv is pimping on ignorance and drama, making money on other people’s misery. Is that really what good ratings mean?

There are a lot of good that come out of the shows as well with record deals, independent companies, cosmetics, acting roles, new homes, and more.  However, the positive aspects will never outshine the negative aspects.  To those turning a new leaf, no matter how big the check, what was done in a  negative manner will be pinned to that person for life!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see reality TV on more:

  • Jane/John Does doing all the right things to make it to the top and hopping over their obstacles to do it.
  • Students from the hood given scholarships for college and display how they study hard to get themselves and their families out of poverty and make a better life for themselves?
  • Pageants for little girls without makeup?
  • Women/Men groups empowering one-another to have fabulous careers?
  • Celebrities/Athletes/Fortune 500 Corporations-Individuals, get together and cure hunger?
  • Regular families that handle situations in a civil ways (Sinbad’s Family Affair, Tia & Tamera, Giuliana and Bill)

It would be nice, but don’t hold your breathe, because very few non-drama/ignorance shows last in the Reality TV World.  Reality TV Pimping on Ignorance is more of a money-maker!

Why do I watch you ask?  Me putting out this blog isn’t going to change what is seen on television.  I would love for more shows to focus on positive images, but television content is not my choice.  The only difference is, while I may be blogging on what I see, I will give my opinion on the negative and the positive, but, I’m not getting paid…yet!  If I do, I hope to get more positive shows going.  I have been actually working on more positive show material, maybe one day it will come to life!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

  • What is your favorite Reality TV Show?
  • What is your least favorite Reality TV Show?


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