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Chef Roble' & Co.

Chef Roble’ & Co. – All That Glitters Is Not Gold But It Can Shine!

Episode aired:  12/18/2011

Chef Roble’ was in shaky territory when assigned the task of a party that had a theme based on glitter and sweets.  Not to worry because Bleezie may not do sweets, but he will deliver someone who does.

Kerin's Apartment

The client was Kerin Rose, Eyewear Extraordinaire and owner of “A-Morir“.  Kerin creates blinged out eyewear and has designed for Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Estelle, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kisha, Katy Perry, etc.  Kerin’s apartment alone displayed her bizarre and over-the-top taste which included candy korn pillows and unicorns.  Kerin envisioned glitter, bright colors and a big focus on desserts and expressed “there is no such thing as too much!”

Unfortunately, Jasmine did not deliver.  The space was not bursting with the festive colors and glitter that Kerin had imagined. Artie (Event Director) was unable to be at the event and was truly missed because Jasmine became so overwhelmed she left the event entirely and did not return.

Jasmine's Presentation:(

Kerin was celebrating her Summer Line of Eyewear.  The budget was $24k and was held at “Studio 320” in Manhattan. On the Menu:

  • Hors d’oeuvre:  Spiced Smoked Crab Rolls (w/ crunchy Masago Arare & Red Tobiko Caviar)
  • Hors d’oeuvre:  Fluke Nigiri (w/ Soy Marinated Scallions & Salmon Nori)
  • Hors d’oeuvre:  Lobster Summer Roll (Red Pepper, Nuoc Cham, Black Sesame Seeds)
  • Dessert:  Purple Chocolate Fountain
  • Dessert:  Cotton Candy (w/ Edible Glitter)
  • Dessert:  Gold Bar Brownies (Pecan Brownies Dipped in White Chocolate)
  • Dessert:  Gold Dusted Macaroon (Expresso Cream Filling)
  • Dessert:  Assortment of Cupcakes (w/ Glitter, Sprinkles, Disco Dust, etc.)

Let’s just say, there was no doubt that the Hors d’oeuvres’ were going to be well received, because we know Chef Roble’ can never go wrong with his Savory Masterpieces, however, Kiku KILLED it with her Cupcake Dessert Bar!  Everything on the dessert bar was edible and when it was unveiled, Kerin was pleasantly surprised.  She was so impressed with the burst of colors that included a purple chocolate fountain that she said,  “I just want to make sweet love to that dessert table!”

Kiku's Cupcake Dessert Bar!

Kiku was basking in her element…desserts!  She was so pumped to lead the kitchen to one of the most fascinating dessert tables to date.  Roble’ did a little damage control and approached Kerin to see what her concerns were and all he wanted to know was what he could do to make it better!  Make it better was what he did with Kiku’s dessert bar and boy did she shine!

Jasmine had a bad day, but who doesn’t?  Not to worry, she redeemed herself with the following event.  Read all about it here: Chef Roble’ & Co goes “A” List with Vanessa Williams

CR&C Dictionary (Word of the Day):  Fawesome used in a sentence by Che Gravy, “That’s gone be Fawesome, fantastic and awesome.”, referring to Chef Roble’s Togorashi and Aïoli mix for the Spiced Smoked Crab Rolls.

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