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Have Been Looking For A Good Custom Dear John Letter?


How many times have you been in a predicament when you wanted to break up with someone and just can’t find the words?  There are sites that help you generate your letters, but they never seem to say what you want them to say.  How many times has someone broke up with you or simply pissed you off?  You want to avoid drama but at the same time you want that person to know what’s on your mind and not leave anything out.

You can now get a custom “Dear John” letter.  It can be as cold or as sweet as you want it to be. Even if you want it to be done in a more creative way, it can be created in a Poem format.  We will deliver it for you as well, or you can deliver it yourself if you would like.  Your information is always STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Simply send an email to dearjohnatitsbest@gmail.com, briefly describe your story and leave your contact information.  We will contact you to generate the needed information so that we can give you the quality “Dear John” letter you are looking for.

Can’t wait to hear from you!



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