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Chef Roble' & Co.

Chef Roble’ & Co. – Hollywood Meets Bollywood

Episode aired:  12/192011

Chef Roble & Co. had another cultural event with Business Partners, Rohan and AnJula who were celebrating their 42nd birthdays.  They were adamant with incorporating their Indian cultured food and adding an American twist!

No order is too tall for Chef Roble’ and because he aims to please, he called upon friend/chef Ramkumar to act as a consultant for the authenticity of the Indian Cuisine.  Before the event, Roble’ was still a little worried about the authenticity of the Natural Chicken Samboussas.  His worry wasn’t long because the Samboussas were a smash with Rohan and AnJula!

Jasmine was short one server and didn’t know what to do, but Chef Roble’ didn’t get bent out of shape, he told Jasmine to call and ask his girlfriend/International Model, Ayan if she would come and help out.  Yes!  Ayan came to the rescue without a second thought.  Of course she was beautiful in the uniformed Sari, but she even seemed extremely knowledgeable of the task at hand.  Bottom line, she stood by her man!

Speaking of standing by her man, Jasmine was flirting with one!  Mixologist, William caught Jasmine’s eye and unfortunately while she was “having conversation” as she said, John (waiter) came in and interrupted.  I think John was trying to let Jasmine know, he was on staff first!

The budget was $20k, the venue was Rohan’s home and on the menu:

  • Natural Chicken Samboussas (Spicy Mangle Drizzle)
  • Catfish Hush Puppies
  • Poppadom Mac & Cheese (Paneer Cheese Flakes)
  • Spiced Lamb Sliders (Cucumber Raita)
  • Lobster Goan Curry (Baby Red Potatoes)
  • BBQ Ribbed Idlis (Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Green Leaks
  • DESSERT:  Elephant Shaped Cake

This was an upscale event that looked like it was a blast.  They even created their own “You Got Served” contest Bollywood Style with the guys against the girls.  The food was a hit, the dancing was a hit and we can’t forget about some of the exclusive guest that were there that included, Troy Carter (Lady GaGa’s Manager), Nigel Barker (ANTM Judge/Photographer) and his wife Christen Chin Barker, Priyanka Chopra (Actress/Miss World 2000), Ami Sheth (Actress), and Pooja Kumar (Actress). This was definitely a party I wish I could have been in attendance.

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