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Chef Roble' & Co.

Chef Roble’ and Co. – Congratulations to Che’ Gravy

Proud Poppa!


Che’ Gravy was not in attendance for the Doggy Wedding, because he was spending time with his new 8lb 8 oz son.  Touching to see how Chef Roble’ expressed his excitement and happiness for Che’.  From previous episodes, we could see the anticipation that Che’ Gravy had for the birth of his child, so it was nice to hear his wait had come to an end, Che’ Gravy is a new proud poppa!

Click and watch the following…Chef Roble’ Happy For Che’ Gravy

Hopefully, Che’ will share with us what he named his son.  I’ll let you know if I get that information.

Congratulations Che’ Gravy and Jennifer!

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