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Beyonce’ Has a Baby Girl – Blue Ivy Carter

Still Beautiful After Just Giving Birth



Congratulations to Beyonce’ and Jay-Z on the birth of their 7lb. baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, born last night January 7, 2012!  Beyonce’ gave birth at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.  They spen $1.3 million to reserve one whole wing of the hospital.  They also had extra security to make sure no one could have access to that wing, that cost them nearly $200,00.  It may sound like a lot but it seems Beyonce’ and Jay-Z already got the one biggest parenting rule figured out….protect the safety of your child no matter what the cost!  They might have wanted to sworn some of the friends and family as well, because they are the ones leaking their biz!  I’m just saying.

Best Wishes to Beyonce’ on a quick bounce back from the delivery and I hope the media can give you and Jay-Z a little break to bond with your new bundle of joy!

NOTE:  The picture used is floating on Twitter…you be the judge, do you really think this picture is legit and Beyonce, put them out this soon?

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