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Mob Wives 2

Mob Wives 2 – Could This Be The Fight of The Season?

Ramona with a Busted Lip


Renee’s “Celebration of life party” was ruined.  Poor thing didn’t even get to cut her cake.  Her gifts were even ruined.  This is what went down…

Drita and Karen were tricked by Big Ang into believing the other wanted to clear things up.  While talking, Drita couldn’t figure out whether her and Karen were ever friends or not and Karen is getting mad at the back peddling.  But Ramona was still in the back talking mess.  Ramona didn’t want Karen and Drita to be friends because Ramona doesn’t like Drita (so High School).

Ramona said she didn’t break bones she did something worse, but she must have gotten temporary amnesia because she didn’t bring it in tonight’s episode.  Drita gave Ramona a right hook and then Karen and Ramona jumps her and let me say, Drita was holding her own.  Drita fights like a man.  Karen did have some swag but we really didn’t see her work because she was pulled out of the fight early, but Ramona got blasted!  Ramona like “Kimbella” need to learn how to duck.They may have got her a little but Drita was rocking them with every punch she threw. Ramona did more hair pulling than anything and again, Karen was taking out of the fight early on.  Ramona was the only one bleeding (her lip), Drita had a busted eye, even though we didn’t see it, but I guess that would happen if you get jumped.  This was certainly a brawl and it definitely outweighed the girls on “Love and Hip Hop”.  Simply said….Drita is a Real “G”!  nuf said!

Then Ramona lied and said a guy named Derek Tobacco hit her, but that was far from the truth.  I think Ramona didn’t want to cop to the fact that she got her azz whipped!  Unfortunately, Karen thinks that Renee set her up, but that doesn’t seem to be true.  Renee was friends with both parties and didn’t want to leave Drita or Karen out, however, she should have left Ramona out. Renee was wrong with her only choice of Carla not being invited.

NOTE:  If we see Karen fight Drita one-on-one, then maybe Karen might be valid in bragging rights of beating somebody up!  Karen can probably work, but that was an unfair fight.  For the record, Drita hit Ramona first and Karen joined in, so saying that Drita hit Karen first is not true.

So my question is “Could this be the fight of the Season?  Well it doesn’t look good because it seems Karen feels like it’s some unfinished business. This Season’s beginning is explosive, I’m almost afraid to see what is coming up!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



One thought on “Mob Wives 2 – Could This Be The Fight of The Season?

  1. Okay yeah, Kimbella’s a hoe. But why TF is Erica hating so hard for? All these women some hating ass females LoveAndHipHop

    Posted by Vaio Vgn-Ar Battery | January 9, 2012, 9:05 pm

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