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Dance Moms

Dance Moms 2 – Season 2 Premiere – Abby Still Hell On Wheels!

The Girls Win DTI Competition in Greensboro, NC

Episode aired:  1/10/2012

Abby Lee Dance Company is back and it looks like Abby picked up where she left off in being very outspoken, and extremely rude!  It started with the Pyramid meeting when I can’t understand for the life of me how she chooses the girls order of the Pyramid.  Chloe finished last season strong by winning the lead in a music video (“It’s Like Summer” with an up and coming artist Lux) and STILL didn’t make it to the top of the Pyramid!  Are you kidding me?  Abby is so obvious of either favoritism for Maddie or her hatred for Christi, I am unsure of which one.

During the Pyramid session, Abby told Nia that her mother didn’t even care whether she won a Dance Title or not, because she was not there for the Pyramid presentation.  How rude can a person get, to bad mouth someone’s mom to their face?  It was very inappropriate and not professional at all, what soever!

Dance Mom Leslie Silences Abby

Abby had an audition to add another girl and she chose Kendall.  She didn’t choose Payton because she felt she was too tall and maybe it’s me, but if a dancer is tall or short, the fact that she can dance should be all that matters.  Koodos to Payton’s mom Leslie for standing up for Payton!  I’ve never witnessed a mom shut Abby Lee down the way Leslie did!  Leslie feels she has paid her money, and doesn’t miss any practice, and she was pissed that her daughter had to stand in line with strangers to audition and Payton was already a dancer with Abby Lee. Through all of the waiting, Abby only picked one girl to be on the team and Abby said that Payton was too tall.  Leslie’s final words to Abby was “Find a spot for her”!  It seemed that Payton was a more seasoned dancer then Kendall in my opinion, therefore, I can’t wait to see Abby’s plans for Kendall.

I hope Christi doesn’t become a hypocrite and treat Jill and Payton the way she felt Abby treated her.  Christi felt that Abby always compared Chloe to Maddie and it seems like Christi is already comparing Kendall to Maddie and the other girls.  One thing for certain, Abby chose Kendall to be on the team for whatever reason, so it wouldn’t be fair to treat them badly because of Abby’s decision.

Newest Cast: Jill and Kendall

Holly’s heart was broken when she was not able to attend the DTI Competition in Greensboro, NC.  Holly had to work and there should be no reason that she has to explain that to anyone.  However, when she was doing the professional thing in telling Abby, Ms. Abby simply rolled the window up on Holly and ignored her.

Then we go into a Random Act, when Jill and Kendall presents Abby with Chanel Perfume as a gift for selecting Kendall to be on the team.  Jill may be headed into the danger zone for that move.  Jill also better be very careful because Melissa said she had her back, but Melissa didn’t do a good job of having her own back last season.

I will be honest, I certainly was shocked to see the same cast back this season.  I can say the moms are certainly strong women to withstand the ignorance from the likes of Abby.  I say ignorance, because I know Abby is one of the best in the business however, there is a difference in being a tough coach striving for excellence than being rude, obnoxious, ignorant and putting fear in your dancers and demanding excellence.

If you want to see my reaction via Vlog on YouTube please press the following link:  Dance Moms – Season Premiere – 1/10/2011

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