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Chef Roble’ & Co. – Brings Las Vegas to Jersey Shore

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Aired:  1/8/2012 (Dinner Party Smackdown)

They go to the Avenue Beach Club, in New Jersey to meet with 40-something year old ladies Lydia, Giana and Jen.  As soon as they get there the party started early when the ladies ordered 5-shots at 1:30pm.  Chef Roble’ passes but Jasmine in the spirit of the clients takes one for the team and does the shot.  It is Lydia’s Bachelorette Party and the girls are requesting strippers, tequilla, a dance party, dealers, black jack tables, sex toys and an ice luge.  They also requested all finger foods as the menu style.

The party was held at Lydia’s friend house on the River in Rumson, NJ.  Artie was not happy that they are doing a Bachelorette Party.  He thought it may be wrong for the company in terms of class and upon breaking the news to Artie I don’t think Jasmine helped by telling him that the girls wanted to be “torn down drunk”.  Artie’s question was “Are we a catering company or a Fulfill your latest fantasy company?”  To Artie’s surprise Chef Roble’ answered “both”!

Jasmine and Shawn go to Babeland ( A Sex toy Shop) and he definitely was the right man for the job.  Let’s just say during the tour of the products, he was little more hands on than expected!  Jasmine looks at Shawn with embarrassment, although she already knows, what she’s up against, every time she brings Shawn shopping with her.  However, Jasmine can’t be too mad, because at other times, Shawn doesn’t have a problem trying on some of the outfits that she doesn’t choose to try on.  They decided to do gift bags that included a Babeland Buzz Vibe, BabeLube, and Babeland Condoms and for those wondering Shawn was admiring the Lelo Sensua Suede Whip.

The event was for approximately 40 guest, the budget was $28k and on the Menu:

  • Grown-up Grilled Cheese (Oven Dried Heirloom Tomatoes & Black Truffles)
  • Brussel Sprouts Alla Giudea (Artichoke Cream & Red Pepper Flakes)
  • Striped Bass Mousseline (Shrimp, Espelette, Crudo, Tarragon)
  • Razor Clams Casino (Apple Smoked Bacon & Chili Flake Oil)
  • Caribbean Chicken Patties
  • Asparagus Flan
  • Fist Pumping Jello Shots ( Infused Mango, Blood Orange, & Kiwi Purees,Topped with Pop Rocks)

Unfortunately “Baby Che” was sick so Che Gravy had to skip this event.  The team kept everything in motion and continued prep as planned with Kiku stepping up on the Savory Side of the kitchen.  Roble’ was doing a little micro managing but Adam managed to give him a laugh with his rendition of Che Gravy with sayings such as “Fishem ups and Dishem Ups”.

Another unfortunately “Uh oh!”, was although the ice-sculpture was beautiful with Lydia’s name with a carved border of playing cards, it was not an ice-luge which was requested by Lydia.  Not to worry, the ladies didn’t even realize because their night of tequila kept them occupied enough to not realize it wasn’t an ice luge. Lydia even mimicked the movie “A Christmas Story” by placing her tongue on the sculpture to see if it would stick.  A crowd pleaser was Will the Mixologist shaking drinks that kinda put you in mind of an orgasm.  Jen was so into the way he was shaking the drinks, she didn’t even know what she was drinking…she just kept drinking!  Honestly with the stripper pole, Roulette, Slot Machines, Crap Tables, the Fist Pumping Jello Shots, Burlesque Dancer, the Stripper and most importantly the food, no love was lost.

Don’t forget to check out the first event of this episode: Chef Roble’ and Co. does “Dinner With Bevy”

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