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Chef Roble’ and Co. does “Dinner With Bevy”

Bevy Smith

Aired:  1/8/2012

The second event of this episode started with  Chef Roble’ having a bite to eat with the love of his life, girlfriend Ayan.  Just watching them communicate makes you warm and fuzzy inside, because they make such a beautiful couple.  It seems each time they meet they always discuss the possible future of marriage.  This go around Chef Roble’ asked Ayan what she would do for her Bachelorette Party and her response was “a get-a-way with the girls”.  Chef Roble’ did express concerns of Che’ Gravy’s absence when they are in dire need to have all help on-hand, because of the huge event he had coming up.  Ayan however, has faith in Roble’ and assures him that he is going to “nail” the event.

The Meet & Greet was held at Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem, Manhattan.  The client is TV’s go-to, gal-about-town for on-air commentary, Bevy Smith.  Well-connected Bevy is also a Noted Hostess and one of her more popular events, that she has been doing for 3-years so far is “Dinner With Bevy” where she introduces guest.  Her events have always been the talk of the town and clearly it’s one of the hardest invites to receive as well.

Bevy usually holds her events in Tribeca or Soho because that is where the A’List Celebrities live, but this go-around she was holding her event in her hometown of Harlem.  The task at hand was for her guest to find her venue in Manhattan along the same lines of luxury as  Tribeca and Soho.  The budget is $20k for 14 people, which is a considerably high budget for a small amount of people, also demonstrated how lavish but intimate Bevy wanted her event to be.  Her request to be included for her 5-course Dinner was a simple room with candles, flowers, and most importantly her request was Gazpacho and Lobster that was reinvented.

The pressure was truly on because in Bevy’s words “If you don’t nail it, I’m going to blast ya!”, remained in the back of Chef Roble and Jasmine’s heads throughout preparation.  Therefore, to prevent being Twitter Bashed by Bevy, Chef Roble’ turned up the heat and got down to business.  Jasmine got the ball rolling by renting a Classic Brownstown that had a New Harlem style from Robb Pair the President and CEO of Harlem Lofts Inc.  They had a slight dilemma of their being a couple flights of stairs and with Bevy wanting synchronized service, the servers had to be on their “A” game and Shawn had to make sure of it.

Jasmine and Will Concluding Their Date

NOW WE WILL PAUSE FOR A COMMERCIAL BREAK! Yes!  We knew Mr. Will (Mixologist) wasn’t sticking around for nothing.  He and Jasmine went on a date.  The date was so charming, because he took her on a tour of the Ceres Art Exhibit.  It was nice to see Jasmine unwind she was certainly impressed as they left arm-in-arm.  NOW BACK TO THE BLOG!

On the Menu:

  • 1st Course:  Farmer’s Market Salad (Verjus Vinaigrette & Smoked Gouda)
  • 2nd Course:  Trio of Gazpachos (Yellow Heirloom, Cucumber-Casaba, Ugly Tomato)
  • 3rd Course:  Poached Maine Lobster (White Corn, Red Marble Potatoes)
  • 4th Course:  Duo of Pheasant (Sweet Potato Spaetzle & Live Grapes)
  • 5th Course:  Key Lime Semifreddo (Sour Cherry Gelee)

Rob (Chef/Che’s Replacement) was on hand to help smooth things out, unfortunately, he spilled the kiwi juice which caused him to have to stay up all night to extract more…Problem Fixed!  Kikuyo wasn’t really happy with being on the Savory side of the table, but she took one for the team to get the job done.  Adam had a dual role as well because he had the responsibility of pairing the wines, unfortunately, during the meal the guest were given the wrong wines during a couple of the courses but the guest didn’t seem to notice.  The fact that the sycrinized serving was a little behind as well.  The last bit of problems was when Roble’ sent Artie to discipline Shawn about the servers dropping the ball.  Shawn didn’t take it well and ended up storming away.  Fortunately, with all of the issues, Bevy was very pleased with the dinner which means, Chef Roble’ has another succesful event in the record books and we look forward to seeing what Bevy actually said about the dinner on Twitter!

Here are the names of some of the “Notable Guest” that were in attendance at Bevy’s dinner:  Johnny Weir (Olympic Skater),Mr. Mickey (Paper Mag’ Editor), Phillip Bloch (Celebrity Stylist),  Keni Valentine (Fashion Expert), Bethann Hardison (Fashion Pioneer), Meg Carlozzi (Fashion Publicist).

Beautiful Table Setting

Don’t forget to check out the first event of this episode:  Chef Roble’ & Co. – Brings Las Vegas to Jersey Shore

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