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Chef Roble’ and Co. – Going to the Theatre!

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1/15/2012 – If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

This episode starts off with Roble’ cooking another one of his fabulous breakfast meals (Kimchi Ruben).  This is surely a sign of him loving his craft, but I must say, I have learned to eat before I watch the show, because if I don’t, I’m starving through the entire episode.

The Meet & Greet was with Lynn Dell Cohen owner of the boutique “Off Broadway” who is fashion royalty and has dressed Elizabeth Taylor and Areatha Franklin.  Mrs. Cohen and her husband Mr. Sandford (Sandy) Cohen are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary (July 22, 1951).  Mrs. Cohen wanted to see lots of shrimp and baby lobsters, but her son Bradley who was also present for the Meet & Greet was there to represent his fathers view and thought that his father would enjoy “Comfort Food” which would include steak and Brooklyn Cheesecake.

Chef Roble’ had to cook for up to 60-people in a somewhat theatrical theme and the budget was $14k.

There had to be a little sit-down with Artie and Shawn which seem to be an ambush on both parties’ part.  Jasmine failed to tell them that she wanted them to meet to kiss and make up.  Artie asked for an apology from Shawn for cursing at him at the Bevy Smith event.  Shawn was a little hesitant, but he did apologize, but not before telling Artie “Crazy is not Stupid”.  Artie also apologized and they came to an understanding….drama free!

On the Menu:


  • Chilled Spring Pea Soup (Maine Lobster, Tarragon, Pea Tendrils)


  • Wood Grilled Hanger Steak (Potatoes, White Asparagus, Vidalia Marmalade)
  • Pan Seared Wild Black Sea Bass (Potatoes, Asparagus, Spring Corn, Blueberry Beet Coulis)


  • Brooklyn Cheesecake (with a twist turned up-side-down)

The event was very classy and the Mr. and Mrs. Cohen were more than pleased.  Mrs. Cohen kept the theatrical theme going by changing twice during the event into some beautiful and colorful designs from her boutique.  The staff was on point and another successful event in the books for Chef Roble’ and Co.!

I can’t believe that next week is the season finale!  It almost brings tears to my eyes.  I must say that Chef Roble’ and his staff were amazing to watch.  They displayed what teamwork is really about.  They had their little tiny set-backs, but none of them caused a function to go bad.

Back to the task at hand…Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cohen on 60 years of marriage.  It is awesome when two people can celebrate that many years and still be in love!  Wishing you many more!

Don’t forget to check out the second event of this episode:  Chef Roble’ & Co. – Going To the Theatre

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