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Chef Roble’ & Co. – Pushing Beef on the Pescatarian

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Episode aired:  1/15/2012

Before the second event of this episode a glimpse at Chef Roble’ visiting the love of his life, girlfriend Ayan (All About Ayan Elmi – Chef Roble’ Ali’s International Model Girlfriend).  How sweet it was to see Ayan was cooking for Chef Roble’, although it was a little hard for him to NOT to give direction, he finally folded as Ayan shewed him out of the kitchen.  Even though Chef Roble’ says they are not thinking about marriage right now, he sure has a lot of hypothetical stories he throws at Ayan regarding marriage.  Whatever the case I don’t think we could imagine him with anyone else at this point, because they make an amazing couple!

The second event started with a Meet & Greet with “Guest of a Guest” Founder Rachelle Hruska who was accompanied by her Event Manager, Molly Harrington.  They were celebrating the launching of their Global Site that will cover international parties.  The event was for approximately 150 guest and had a $32k budget.  Chef Roble’ only had 48 hours to plan this event, because the previous caterers that Rachelle hired, pulled out at the last-minute and we later found out possible why they backed out!

Rachelle is a Vegetarian/Pescatarian and was adamant about not having meat at her party and to add to the devastation of Chef Roble’, she expressed that the party was not about the food.  Not about the food?  I was with Chef Roble’ and wondered, why did she hire him?  Her thoughts were, she was hiring him and he had to do what she told him to do….end of story!  “I think listening to kinda what we want is a part of your job”, belted by Rachelle.  Jasmine was totally at a loss for words.  Hands down this seemed to be the first cutely rude client that was witnessed on the show.

Unfortunately, Chef Roble’ and Jasmine were still having some tension, because Jasmine wanted to explain Artie and her plans on the event to Roble’.   To her dismay, Roble’ was pressed for time and simply felt he hired Jasmine and Artie so he didn’t have to worry about the front of the house and declined to listen to their ideas.  Jasmine was a little perturbed, but of course the show went on.

Joined by Adam, Roble’ took it up a notch to get the best seafood choices for the event and went to Down East Seafood in Hunts Point, Bronx.  He wanted to get oysters for Rachelle to please her, because she decided that she wanted self-serve stations along with servers, but he had decided that was the only thing he was going to do her way.  He did not agree with the party having no meat and made the Executive Decision of adding the meat to the menu anyway, because he felt that 90% of the guest were not going to be pescatarians.

On the Menu:

STATION 1:  Seafood Ceviche Station

  • Scallops
  • Grouper (Moved to Taco Station)
  • Shrimp

STATION 2:  Taco Station

  • Chicken Tinga
  • Grouper
  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Carnitas

STATION 3:  Rootbeer Float Station


  • Caprese Salad (Buffalo Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomatoes  Opal Basil)
  • Beef Yakatori
  • Blue Point Oysters
  • Goat Cheese Peppadew

The team that included Rob was busy at work and got a surprise visit by Molly wanting to taste the food.  She was shocked to find that Chef Roble’ was marinating pork loin, because she knew Rachelle did not want any meat at her party.  He gave her a sample of the Shrimp Ceviche and Molly really liked it.  While he had her attention he convinced her to okay the beef on the menu for guest that were not pescatarian.  He was a little upset when Jasmine contradicted him by saying she didn’t think it could work, but he interrupted her and kept his plea going.  Molly was convinced and gave Roble’ the green light.

We interrupt this blog for very special appearance.  Lil Baby Che’ made his debut in the kitchen via mom/Che’ Gravy’s fiance’ Jenn.  The most adorable little man you ever seen!

Now back to the blog…

Event time and Rachelle was not happy when Shawn was reading her the menu and heard “Beef Yakatori”.  She looked a little strained, but I was happy that Molly didn’t throw Chef Roble’ under the bus and told Rachelle that she gave him the okay.  At the conclusion of the tour she was thrilled with the Rootbeer Station and the “hot” servers (guys)  and even went as far as to offer them jobs after the event.

Another skid, when Jasmine is ignored by Roble’ when she came into the kitchen to give an update.  She was not happy with being ignored!  However, Rachelle did come in and tell Roble’ that she was happy that her guest were very pleased with the meat.

Jasmine confronted Roble’ on ignoring her and a frustrated Roble’ said she can’t take things personally.  He expressed that Artie should be the one to give the quick updates and Jasmine belted “Well then let Artie run the company” and left.  Jasmine was trying to explain to Roble’ that she thought she should give Roble’ the updates because that is what the owner should know as the party is happening, but Roble’ disagreed.  It’s heartbreaking to see Jasmine and Roble’ at odds, but the tension has been building for weeks.

Don’t forget to check out the first event of this episode: Chef Roble’ & Co. – Going To The Theatre

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