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Chef Roble’ & Co. – Season Finale – Rachel Dratch

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Episode aired:  1/22/2012

In the first part of this episode, Jasmine and Chef Roble’ go to Zaitzeff in East Village, Manhattan to discuss Jasmine’s concerns about her working relationship with Chef Roble’.  It didn’t seem like they got anything accomplished, because they didn’t get into detail.  Chef Roble’ just told his sister that he would try not to be such a jerk.

The Meet & Greet was at Milesime Restaraunt in  Flatiron District, Manhattan with Rachel Dratch best known as a player on Saturday Night Live. Once her giggles were over, she expressed her desire to have a dinner party for approximately 15 guest   The budget was $8,500 and she wanted Spanish food in a casual setting.  Spanish food was unusual territory for Chef Roble’, but as always, no event is turned down.

Jasmine later went to meet with an old friend Kiyah who was visiting New York, from L.A. and shocked Jasmine with a propersition to come and work for her as her Creative Director for her fast growing hair care line “Muze“.  Kiyah felt that Jasmine would be a great asset to her company because she just feels in her words that Jasmine “gets it” and would like to work with her on a strategy.  Jasmine told her that she would think about the amazing opportunity.

During menu presentation to the staff Che’ Gravy intrigued everyone in his farm wear (overalls, and straw hat) which seem to cause a short distraction. On the menu:

  • Ham & Cheese Croquetta
  • Baby Octopus Confit (in olive oil)
  • Queso De Cabra (Goat Cheese & Beet Redux)
  • Baby Chicken & Valencia Rice
  • Churros & Chocolate

Jasmine was still hitting on the stresses of the job.  She couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was but it seem to be leaning towards the schedule and the level of disrespect that she was feeling.  She decided to vent her job offer from Kiyah to Artie and Shawn.  Artie told her that she most certainly should talk to Roble’ about it and Shawn was speechless.  I’m guessing Jasmine was looking for them to say congrats, but I’m sure neither Artie or Shawn would want to see her go.

The Dinner party was held at the Patroon in Manhattan and it turned out great.  Rachel was very happy, she even said the the Churros & Chocolate was the best dessert she ever tasted.  Adam even lead the group with a lesson on using the Spanish porrón a pitcher that in the old and traditional way in Spain to share wine with a group of people.

It was hard to see that Jasmine wasn’t the attentive and bubbly person we are used to seeing at events.  Her spirit seemed to be gone or her mind was on the job offer.  After the event she spoke with Roble’ and told him about the job offer which included not only Creative Director but a Partnership.  Jasmine was looking for Roble’ to offer her partnership with his company, but Roble’ denied her, by telling her “give it some time”.  Jasmine wasn’t hearing it and gave Roble’ an ultimatum she get partnership or she was gone.  Roble’ decided not to discuss it further until later, but they did agree on one thing…Love and Business are two different things. (*tear)…that’s my tear, Jasmine and Chef Roble’ are breaking my heart.

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