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Chef Roble’ & Co. Season Finale – Two Grooms

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Episode aired:  1/22/2012

The second part to this episode starts with Chef Roble’ paying a call to his beautiful girlfriend Ayan (All About Ayan Elmi – Chef Roble’ Ali’s International Model Girlfriend).  He reveals to her the conversation he had with Jasmine of her job offer with Muze Agency.  Among other things, Ayan told him “Just think positive, and it’ll all come together, I’m sure.”  Roble’s response was “Well from your lips to God’s ears I hope that your right.”

They skip to the Meet & Greet which told viewers, there wasn’t much talk with Roble’ and Jasmine on their excitement they usually discuss for upcoming events.  Moving on…the Meet & Greet was with Tyson & Malcolm, male newlyweds that have been together for 9-years.  They had recently married in one of New Yorks first Gay weddings.  They called up Chef Roble & Co. to cater their wedding reception which was  Chef Roble’s biggest event of the season.  Tyson is a Fashion Stylist and Malcolm is a Fashion Designer.  They made it clear that they didn’t even really want to call it a reception because they wanted it to have a After Party feel.

This certainly wasn’t going to be traditional.  They expressed that Malcolm was going to be having a fashion show featuring Malcolm’s designs, which would have a runway and all.  The event would have servers “passing hors d’oeuvres” that included Spanish food and Jamaican cuisine. They let it be known that their event had to be big and that was apparent with their budget of $45k for approximately 200 people.  The one thing that Chef Roble’ did have to keep in mind was that Malcolm promised that they would see “Groomzillas” if things didn’t go as planned.

On the Menu:

  • Caribbean Beef Empanadas (Smoked Chili Cream)
  • Coconut Shrimp (Spicy Mango Drizzle)
  • Curried “Goat In A Boat” (Pickled Ginger)
  • General TSO’s Jerk Chicken

It was nice to see some of the pressure taken off of Jasmine, because Tyson and Malcolm had the Fashion show covered and had already hired a Fashion Show Producer named GLAMO.  GLAMO handled all of the “Back of The House” and MC’d the fashion show, therefore, Jasmine was able to put her concentration on other aspects of the event.

Jasmine comes in the kitchen to give a quick update and to also get samples of all of the food for Tyson and Malcolm.  You can see the sincere expression on Roble’s face.  He is hoping his sister decides to stay, because they have something good going on and he just hopes she can be patient.

GLAMO did his thing and introduced the Fashion Show as “Matrimony Fierce”.  The show even had America’s Next Top Model Winner Jaslene and Tyson’s sister Endiya modeling on the Runway.  The highlight was when the Two Grooms, Tyson and Malcolm were introduced and they were both impeccable, glowing with happiness and their friends and family shared their glory!  The cake was not too shabby either as it was Metallic Gold on the outside and Bannana/Strawberry on the inside, it was beautiful.

The event was amazing, Jasmine showed how she has grown by putting such a big event together with Artie and Shawn.  Of course with Roble’, Che’ Gravy, Adam, Kiku and D’Andre the food was phenomenal.  Unfortunately, the excitement and proud feelings were short lived because Chef Roble’ and Jasmine talked after the event and Roble’ told Jazz that there were a little more dues that she needed to pay before he would consider making her partner and she simply said “no!  There are no dues”.  Roble’ was not okay with an ultimatum and he told his sister he loved and respected her but it wasn’t going to work.  Jasmine’s response was “I’m done, find somebody else”.

Chef Roble’ had a phenomenal first season.  He and his team has inspired individuals all around the world.  He certainly has set a standard and I can’t wait until next season when Chef Roble’ and his entire staff (including Jasmine) are back to unveil some more exciting and creative events that highlight his amazing dishes.

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