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I'm Just Saying, Mama Drama

Mama Drama’s Jay Breast Feeds Her 5-Year Old Daughter


I’m just saying… VH1 has a reality show called “Mama Drama”.  It follows five mothers in their late 30’s to late 40’s and their 20-something year old daughters. I will have to watch the marathon’s to really find out about each of these women.  BUT! BUT! BUT! BUT! BUT!   There is something that blew my mind AWAY!

Jay age 46 a nurse from Edmonds, WA is still a free woman, which in some cases other women would be in jail for admitting what she does.

She is still breast-feeding her 5-year old daughter!!!  How can she think that this is okay?  How is this legal?

Okay, there!  I vented and I feel a little better.  However, just food for thought, here are some more things that makes her….uumm…well?  Here’s the list.

  • She wears baby diapers and excuses herself to urinate in them, so that she doesn’t have to use the public bathrooms.
  • She had plastic surgery to have her belly button removed.
  • Doesn’t mind that her daughter, Vanessa doesn’t bathe daily.

I will probably be adding to this list after I watch the marathon, so check back.


I am a Reality Show Junky and I am willing to view a reality show at least once.  I hope I haven’t offended anyone in my thoughts, however, I think I’ve seen it all but something else always comes up to prove me wrong.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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