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Kardashians Therapy PT 1 – Rob Cries… Did We Miss Something?


Frustrated Rob

This is not going to be long, because I have to watch Part 2 of the Kardashians Therapy.  I stumbled upon The Kardashians going  into therapy to get through their issues…ok that’s great.  Whatever the case, Rob cries and Khloe’ gets up to comfort him, but his mom doesn’t move.  WTF!  Kourtney is pregnant so I know she couldn’t run after him, Khloe’ does what a good big sister does.  I had a feeling Kim wasn’t going to get up, but Kim and Kris do not move?  Are you kidding me?  What mother doesn’t comfort their son.  Kris was the first person that should have went to his rescue.

I know this sounds harsh, but if I missed something, would someone please explain what I missed?

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