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What You’ve Been Searching For: Richard “Richy” Jackson Part 2


As I begin Part 2 of this exclusive interview with Richard “Richy” Jackson, I give my best wishes to Richy with his new venture.  He will be debuting as a judge tonight on, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, airing on Lifetime at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Richy’s energy is so magnetic that you feel privileged to be in his company.  When speaking with Richy, you gather that dancing is not just his passion it is burned into his Soul.  This is someone that is a self-taught dancer but started at the bottom to master a very competitive craft.  He crawled before he walked and learned to perfect the dance game.  Above all he is humble and selfless and it’s quite obvious that those qualities have paid off!

Without further ado… “What You’ve Been Searching For:  Richard “Richy” Jackson – The Conclusion – Part 2.

Besides choreography, what else are you trying to give dancers to advance their careers?

I really try to teach them confidence.  As simple as that may sound it can really carry a dancer on to having a career.  I say this because a “dancer life” is not long-lived.  Therefore, when you have confidence and you really believe that you have something to offer it really can propel you to get through and make this a career.  It also allows you to absorb other styles of dance.  It allows you to become who you need to become for certain jobs.  Without that confidence it will hinder you and down the line people will see it in your performance.

How did you keep the drama away?

As a dancer although you are competing there is a common thread that makes the dancers bond together and figure out what to do to keep the job.

Your attitude can outbalance your talent.  You can be an amazing dancer and work in the environment, but if that attitude is bad and you can’t get along with the choreographer you could stunt your career.

Who have you dance with throughout your career?

As a dancer I have danced with Will Smith, Missy Elliot, Usher, Jessica Simpson, I was in the movies “You got Served” and “The Cinderella Story”.  I was in a Coke commercial and I was on iPod silhouette billboards as well as an iPod commercials.

Who is that dream artist that you would like to choreograph for?

There isn’t a dream artist that I would want to choreograph for because I’ve always wanted to make a new artist.  I would rather make a winner than to work with another winner.  When you help to create a winner it’s everything.

You want to look out for the “underdog” and that is an amazing characteristic.

I’m definitely about the underdog or someone coming out of nowhere, which is the least expected.  You ride their journey with them and you know you are apart of the movement when they succeed.  You can say you really saw it from nothing to where it is right now.

What is it that you would like most for the readers to know about you that know one really knows?

That’s a really good question.  Let me think.  I lost my mom.  Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but everyone has their issues.  I have gone on with this Journey and my mom is not here to share it with me and that is my issue.  This journey is hard work and ups and downs and I wish my mom was here and although I feel she is here in spirit it really isn’t the same as her physically being here.

How many siblings do you have?

I have three brothers.

I’m sure your brothers’ are proud of you.

Yes!  My family is proud and they can’t believe it sometimes they’re like “wow we never thought this is what it would turn out to be!”  I am very thankful and I am very humble and I am not taking this opportunity for granted, because in this business you can be here today and gone tomorrow.  For instance if a fan says “I didn’t know if I could come over and say hi” and I tell them “please come over and say hi!”

What upcoming projects do you have?

Pretty much just continuing with Gaga and whatever opportunities are a good match for me, I will do them.

It was my pleasure interviewing Richy and I hope to be able to talk to him about Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

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