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Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition – Season 1 – Episode 1

Episode aired:  10/09/2012

“Let The Dancing Begin”

JUDGES Abby Lee Miller (Wants a flawless dancer.) Richy Jackson (through their movement, looking for that thing that makes them go “aaaahhhh!!!!!” even though they can’t say that. Robin Antin (Looking for a star, a dancer that can get up on stage and be a dancer and a real artist.)

PRIZE:  $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

HOST: Kevin Manno

12 MOMS/DAUGHTERS OR SONS: (# represents child’s age)

  • Kelly/Jordyn (12) Gina/Zack (13) Yvette/Hadley (12) Elisabeth/Erin (13)
  • Shayna/Tua (9) Renee/Tessa(12) Maria/Lexine (11)  Kristen/Kyleigh Jai (10) 
  • Kristie/Asia (7) Coreen/Madison (13) Kris/Brianna (13) Mayelin/Amanda(12)

GROUP DANCE CHALLENGE: (45 minutes to learn the combination Abby chooses winner winner chooses their style for main event (jazz, hiphop, contemporary or tap)

THIS WEEKS SKILL:  Technique (beautiful posture, great body alignment, gorgeous lines)


GROUP CHALLENGE WINNER: Elisabeth (Style Chosen:  Contemporary)



  • #1 Choreographer – Bobby Newberry – Hip-Hop
  • Asia/Jordyn/Lexine
  • #2 Choreographer – Gina Starbuck – Jazz
  • Hadley/Zack/Madison
  • #3 Choreographer – Joyce Chittick – Tap
  • Tua/Kyleigh Jai/Tessa
  • #4 Choreographer – Anthony Burrell – Contemporary
  • Elisabeth/Brianna/Amanda


  • Tua cried all the way through Group Dance Challenge Rehearsal
  • Cheap shot:  Yvette saying Elisabeth was not that good, when Elisabeth won the Group Dance Challenge.
  • Kristie and Kelly ganging up on Maria for telling Lexine she can go home.  It devastated Lexine and she asked the moms to stop.
  • Richy giving the finger wave for the Contemporary Trio and his duo role of referee with Abby Lee telling Robin not to give excuses for Elisabeth’s feet being turned out.
  • Elisabeth was called out because being the challenge winner did not show in the Dance Trio Theme.  Elisabeth explained that her parent’s divorce is distracting her.  The mother’s were unsure and some felt they were sure that Elisabeth was using the divorce as a ploy not to get kicked off the show for an “okay” performance.
  • Elisabeth won the Technique challenge but when she was placed between Brianna and Madison who are very Technical Abby didn’t see her technique.  Abby advised her not to rest on her Morals.  Robin added that this competition is about “being the best”.



  1. Tessa – The choreographer saw something in her enough to give her a special part.  However, she did not produce during the performance.
  2. Tua – Held her own but was not on the level of the rest of the dancers.

ELIMINATED:  Tessa (Renee – Mom)


  • I loved the way Anthony Burrell checked the girls immediately about looking for their mom’s approval.  We all know the mom’s will not be allowed in all auditions in the “real world”, therefore, that’s a habit they need to break.  Although I do respect Erin at least making an effort to not distract Elisabeth by turning her back.
  • The crowd booed when Richy said the hip-hop trio “wasn’t hip-hop”.  News bulletin..RICHY KNOWS HIP-HOP!
  • Very disappointed in Maria telling her sobbing daughter Lexine “it’s okay, you can go home now”.  That is terrible to set your child up for failure before they even find out their results.

Click the following for:  Summary of Results Only! for Season 1

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