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Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition – Season 1 – Episode 2


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“Unleash The Monsters”

JUDGES Abby Lee Miller (Wants a flawless dancer.) Richy Jackson (through their movement, looking for that thing that makes them go “aaaahhhh!!!!!” even though they can’t say that. Robin Antin (Looking for a star, a dancer that can get up on stage and be a dancer and a real artist.)

PRIZE:  $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

HOST: Kevin Manno

12 MOMS/DAUGHTERS OR SONS: (# represents child’s age) (Week Eliminated wk?)

  • Kelly/Jordyn (12) Gina/Zack (13) Yvette/Hadley (12) Elisabeth/Erin (13)
  • Shayna/Tua (9) Renee/Tessa(12) wk 1Maria/Lexine (11)  Kristen/Kyleigh Jai (10) 
  • Kristie/Asia (7) Coreen/Madison (13) Kris/Brianna (13) Mayelin/Amanda(12)

GROUP DANCE CHALLENGE: (45 minutes to learn the combination Abby chooses winner winner receives a solo and chooses someone else to have a solo as well. (jazz, hiphop, contemporary or tap)

THIS WEEKS SKILL:  Physical Strength (when you strike a pose, muscles should be seen)

GROUP DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER: Victor Rojas (Toured with Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson)

GROUP CHALLENGE WINNER: Jordyn (Style:  Lyrical) Jordyn’s 2nd Solo Choice:  Zack

DANCE TRIO THEME: Monsters Of The Night


  • #1 Choreographer – Bobby Newberry – Hip-Hop
  • Madison/Tua/Lexine
  • #2 Choreographer – Anthony Burrell – Jazz Funk
  • Kyleigh Jai/Amanda/Brianna
  • #3 Choreographer – Ricky Palomino – Lyrical
  • Jordyn
  • #4 Choreographer – Ricky Palomino – Musical Theater
  • Zack
  • #5 Choreographer – Anthony Burrell – Jazz Funk
  • Elisabeth/Asia/Hadley


  • Elisabeth is having a hard time because her mom and dad’s anniversary is that day, although they are getting a divorce.  Yvette (Hadley’s mom) is saying everybody is commenting on Elisabeth playing the divorce card.
  • Yvette saying that Elisabeth needs to put her “big girl panties” on and getty-on-up!
  • Kristen (Kyleigh Jai’s mom) commented saying Elisabeth is not talented enough so she cries and thinks it’s a little over the top.
  • Hadley calling Elisabeth a Wimp in Commentary.  She said “We didn’t come here to talk about our life problems, we came here to dance”.
  • Mom’s were in wardrobe working on costumes and Kristie (Asia’s mom”) called out Hadley on disrespecting Erin and Elisabeth.  It almost came to blows with finger pointing and yelling.

TOP PERFORMERS OF THE WEEK: None Named (My opinion was Hadley and Madison)


  1. Kyleigh Jai – She did not keep up with the other two performers.  Her turn combination was not at the same caliber as the other ladies.
  2. Jordyn – Blew her opportunity to become a star and blew it.

ELIMINATED:  Kyleigh Jai (Kristen – Mom)


  • Thumbs down on Yvette talking about Elisabeth’s fake hair and laughs even after Elisabeth storms off crying!  One word “Juvenile”.
  • Kristie should pick her battles, mainly saving her energy for anyone who attacks her child.  It may not be worth defending another mom’s child in the long run and Kristie came really close to learning that sooner than later, when there was a possibility of Asia leaving this week.  Fortunately, Asia got another chance.
  • Loved the fact that Zack assisted the girls with their hair, not caring what anyone else thought about it!  He was a team player!

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



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