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Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition – Season 1 – Episode 4


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“In A New York Minute”

JUDGES Abby Lee Miller (Wants a flawless dancer.) Richy Jackson (through their movement, looking for that thing that makes them go “aaaahhhh!!!!!” even though they can’t say that. Robin Antin (Looking for a star, a dancer that can get up on stage and be a dancer and a real artist.)

PRIZE:  $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

HOST: Kevin Manno

12 MOMS/DAUGHTERS OR SONS: (# represents child’s age) (Week Eliminated wk?)

  • Kelly/Jordyn (12) Gina/Zack (13) Yvette/Hadley (12) Elisabeth/Erin (13)
  • Maria/Lexine (11) 
  • Kristie/Asia (7) Coreen/Madison (13) Kris/Brianna (13) Mayelin/Amanda(12)


  • Week 1 – Renee/Tessa Week 2 – Kristen/Kyleigh Jai Week 3 – Shayna/Tua

GROUP DANCE CHALLENGE: (45 minutes to learn the combination Abby chooses winner winner receives a solo. (jazz, hiphop, contemporary or tap)

THIS WEEKS SKILL:  Projection (Open Call)

GROUP DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER: Joyce Chittick – Broadway Choregorapher

GROUP CHALLENGE WINNER: Amanda (Style:  Lyrical Solo)

DANCE TRIO THEME: New York, New York


  • #1 Choreographer – Anthony Burrell – Caberet
  • Madison/Asia/Lexine
  • #2 Choreographer – Joyce Chittick – Musical Theatre
  • Hadley/Jordyn
  • #3 Choreographer – Anthony Burrell – Hip Hop
  • Zack, Bianna, Elisabeth
  • #4 Choreographer – Ricky Palomino – Lyrical
  • Amanda

GROUP NUMBER: Choreographer – Joyce Chittick  – Broadway Routine


  • Kristie calls Yvette out again.  Yvette calls Kristie a “Bi$*H, but only after Kristie leaves.
  • Zack is having problems with “Getting his Swag On”, Anthony Burrell says it looks like stupidness!
  • Kristie, Erin and Kelly go out to have a cocktail to discuss Yvette. and Erin spills the beans to Kelly that Yvette is targeting Kelly.
  • Asia was commended for holding on to the level of difficulty.
  • Lexine is commended for adult dance shine.
  • Richy needs Madison to turn it up a little more.
  • Richy and Robin thought Hadley and Jordyn were fantastic and perfection.
  • Richy was a little hesitant with his clap on Zack with his hip hop routine.  Robin didn’t think anyone of them had swag which included Brianna and Elisabeth.
  • Abby thought Amanda was outstanding with her Lyrical Number.  Richy gave two finger waves.  Robin couldn’t take her eyes off of her.
  • A Dance off between Elisabeth, Zack, and Madison sent Zack packing.


DANCE OFF: Zack, Elisabeth and Madison


  1. Elisabeth – She squeaked by in the dance off.
  2. Madison – Been consistent, but they need more than that.
  3. Zack – He needs work on other genre’s and has to be more rounded.

ELIMINATED:  Zack (Gina – Mom)


  • Yvette’s face during the eliminations of the Group Dance Challenge was priceless!  She looked really worried.
  • Hats off to Kelly for not getting involved in manipulation of Yvette.
  • The Hip Hop number with Zack, Elisabeth and Brianna was hurting to watch.
  • Zack mimicked Elisabeth in the Dance Off by going up to the judges wasn’t a smart move, I hope he learns from that.  I still think he is a wonderful dancer and a great kid.
  • Elisabeth’s crying is a lil redundant.

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