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1 Reality Shows, America's Next Top Model - College Edition

ANTM – College Edition – Episode 1910

Aired:  11/02/2012

Kristen displaying “Potty Mouth”

“The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra”

SMarchel’s OPINION

All the years that I have watched ANTM, anytime someone wins a challenge, I don’t care if it is two girls left in the group or ten, the person who won always jumps for joy!  It is a competition and everyone should be out for themselves, because on any given day you could go home.  You may not like if the person wins is not you, however, you do not say a word while that person is celebrating because you don’t want to look bad to to judges or seem jealous.  Maybe because Tyra chose Kiara’s picture as the Art to display her wall.  This is me trying to give Kristen a slight benefit of the doubt.

My question is why would Kristen be mad that Leila and Kiara were celebrating their high scores during panel?  Kristen had a bad shoot and it’s not the first time a model has had a bad shoot on ANTM.  I think Kristen showed a very “ugly” side to herself when she went off on Kiara and Leila about celebrating their successful shoots.  Kristen even celebrated when Leila got injured by the dolphins.

Kiara brought up a valid point, Kristen didn’t congratulate them on their high scores, so why shouldn’t they celebrate?  I know all the girls talk trash about each other, however, Kristen was totally out of control.  In one breath Kristen says their celebrating disrespected her and in another breath she calls Leila a “Bit$# and tells her she doesn’t like her.  Which do you think is more disrespectful?

Now Kristen knows that her horrible attitude, bad behavior and ugliness was a karma of her being voted off of the show.  Kristen got rattled and her hate for Leila and Kiara took her focus off of the task at hand, which is be more fierce, focused and humble than any model competing with her.

Kristen’s words “It’s nothing personal, I just don’t f’g like her”, sounds like jealously to me because that excuse for not liking someone does not sound valid.  So one word for Kristen for this weeks episode is “HATER”.

Bye Bye Kristen!  Although, I do wish her nothing but success, I hope she learned what bad vibes and hateration (not in dictionary) can do.

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!



3 thoughts on “ANTM – College Edition – Episode 1910

  1. Thank you for your comment. After watching this episode I have never seen such a mean and ugly person like Kristen. I hope that when she looks back at this episode she will see that her nasty attitude is what got her kicked off. She might be cute on the outside but really ugly on the inside. In addition, I found Kristen to be a mean girl and I think that Tyra should do a special on girls like Kristen. Personally, I think that girls like Kristen, is the reason why girls, or young women have issues with each other. Girls, hating on each other does not make you a better person nor will it get you far. Not only that but when you are hating on another person that just shows that you are not happy with yourself. All in all you really need to learn how to love yourself and stop putting each other down.

    Posted by Keke | December 30, 2012, 4:40 am

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