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Big Rich Atlanta – Kahdijiha Stands Strong – Katie Looks For Acceptance

Episode aired: 03/31/13

source:  Danielle Datu@StyleDanielle

source: Danielle Datu

Kahdijiha has a tender moment with her mom (SHARLINDA).  Sharlinda is very upset about her daughter being arrested.  However, Kahdijiha is in fight mode and not letting Ashlee’s stunt in having her arrested stop her from living her life!

Virginia, Harvin and Meyer attend Sharlinda’s birthday party although they continue to talk about Kahdijiha behind her back.  The party is a success and Kahdijiha stops Meyer right in her tracks when she continues to talk about the arrest.  Meyer told the true tale of not being a real friend.  Can’t understand why Meyer didn’t let Kahdijiha know she was just wanting to know if they had the same experience because Virginia did say that Meyer had been arrested before as well.  Seems that Meyer was just trying to get more gossip to go back to Ashlee with however, it didn’t work because Kahdijiha told her that her attorneys advised her not to speak of the arrest to anyone.  Eventually they got back to the issue at hand Sharlinda and her twin sister Brie’s birthday party!

Props to Kahdijiha for holding her ground and not giving in to the bull.  The fight episode clearly showed Ashlee approaching Kahdijiha and insulting her.  The sad part is even after the court process, Ashlee will still think she has won buy having Kahdijiha humiliated not just in public but on National television.

Virginia setting Katie Straight about the D.A.R.

Virginia setting Katie Straight about the D.A.R.

Virginia tries to tell Katie in so many words to stop looking for acceptance for the wrong reasons or at all for that matter.  Katie invited Virginia to come to the country club for the Southern Heritage Dinner Party to meet the Atlanta Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.).  This is a group that Katie has been trying to be highly recognized in however she is heartbroken when she discovers Virginia is more connected that she is because Virginia’s Great-Aunt is a D.A.R.  Quickly Katie realizes “Never bring a sandwich to a banquet”.

Virginia is not in agreement with the D.A.R. views and explains to Katie that she shouldn’t worry about how other people feel about her.  Katie is wanting to be apart of this group but really doesn’t have a true reason of why.  Virginia leaves the dinner party after telling Katie in so many words stop living in the past.

NEXT WEEK:  Looks like Sabrina and Katie are coming to blows!  Stay Tuned!

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