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Married To Medicine – Class is a Choice These Ladies Don’t Always Choose

Guess Who?

aired 03/31/13

“Quad has a lot to learn about being a Doctor’s wife” said by Kari.  One would have thought that Kari would  indulge her meaning of that statement but she excused herself from the conversation.  Looks like Kari can throw jabs but she cannot take them.  They should all take a page from the “Play Nice” book that the husbands’ may hold.  The husbands are trying to do business together but they too are snatched away to be busy concentrating on the “Medical Mistress” page in Quad’s book!  It’s almost worse than watching high school girls argue.

Kari tries to get back in the game by telling Quad she has no right to talk about people when she is only 12-weeks into a marriage that never happened and then Quad gets lower with her blows by calling her anorexic and Quad yells “Strike!”.  After laughing Mariah comes to realize that Quad called her guest two names although she invited Quad as a guest too.  Mariah then pulls Quad to the side to extinguish the verbal fire.

Usually when someone’s feelings are hurt (Kari) they discuss how their feelings were hurt to other people to get them to take a side.  However, the person with the hurt feelings forget to tell the bad that they added to the  confrontation.  Quad puts it all in a nutshell by saying “Every dog has its day but it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun!”  I understand Kari saying that the anorexia is a private part of her past, which she thought was going way too far, however Kari calling out Quad’s marriage “The marriage that almost never happened” was a very private part of Quad’s past too, but it didn’t stop Kari from saying it.  Uummm Kari…Think before you leap too.  Not siding with either woman but, just pointing out the obvious.

Unfortunately instead of staying neutral Toya decides to co-sign Kari texting Quad and calling her a low-class whore.  Seems that she is co-signing because Kari at least has more guts to say what she feels (right or wrong) to somebody.  Even though it was done this time via text, which is kind of cheating.

Kari doesn’t seem to realize her husband Dr. Duncan does not want to hear about her drama.  When she tells him she uninvited Quad to her and Mariah’s husbands birthday party, he tells her to un-ruffle the feathers with Quad and fix it because he wants to be friends with the husbands.

Phony Patrol:

  • Mariah telling Kari she likes her hair and calls it a mountain on her head in confessional.
  • Mariah calling Quad her best friend (have to see a few more episodes to see if this is true).

Only on the second episode and it seems “Class is a choice…..the Women on Married To Medicine don’t take all the time!

NEXT WEEK:  Seems like Mariah is taking her shoes off in a heated discussion with Kari.  Kari calls Mariah low-class.  Will there be a fight?

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