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Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop 3 – Highs and Lows

Aired:  04/01/13


Erica went to blows with Tiff because you got it…She got busted.  Erica was sleeping with Rich Dollaz and Tiffany and he gave her every opportunity to admit it.  Erica being the hot head that she usually is just flipped out on Tiffany and started fighting Tiffany.  History has shown that when Erica feels threatened or cornered she attacks.  What she didn’t realize is being betrayed is when i.e. your best friend is sleeping with your man/woman who is what she claimed Rich Dollaz did to her.  Erica needs to roll the tapes back because she slept with Tiffany while she was knowingly lovers with Rich, in hopes that he wouldn’t find out.  That ultimately makes Erica the personal who did all of the betraying.  Not defending Rich because he set Tiffany and Erica up. Erica thought she was getting away with it and fell short!  Note:  Rich step in a little sooner when a woman you claim to like is getting snuffed.

When Raqi realizes her half apology to Tahiry was not going to ride with Joe.  She claims her friendship with Joe is more important.  However, I think she is going into Plan B, which is make Joe think that I’m concentrating on our friendship so I can concentrate on getting him to do my interview.  Raqi unfortunately doesn’t know that Tahiry is having revelations in giving Joe another chance, which means you will be cancelled.  This opinion is still developing.  No it’s not…don’t really care.  The End!

Yandy, Yandy, Yandy!  An absolute favorite cast member.  Hearts go out to Yandy who suddenly could be losing her fiance’ Mendeecees to the system.  Whatever he is being charged with, doesn’t really matter to most viewers, because this has certainly been a couple that I personally would like to see win.  The love for family sticks out in the both of them undeniably so breaking them up at this point will not be devastating, to just Yandy but to fans and readers as well.  Praying for Mendeecees!

On the flip side of Yandy’s story Mona Scott-Young pays Yandy a visit to support her.  Mona keeps it real with Yandy which Yandy expects and ask her what will happen if she can’t wait for Mendeecees. Mona goes on to tell her to think about herself first so that she can take care of her baby.

Joe and Tahiry.  Let see, uummm, let’s see?  Sorry readers but they are so confusing right now, they can’t even get a paragraph tonight.  Once they are halfway understood, they can get a paragraph.  Blessings and best wishes to Kaylin…Joe can be respected for not stringing her along any further, but a little disappointed that he attached to her at all.  He was NEVER over Tahiry, which means he should have NEVER started dating Kaylin.

Nice to see Consequence and Jen teaming up, talking things through and taking some quality time for one another.  Another couple the readers want to see win!

Rich and Erica talk AGAIN.  Bottom line…they were both wrong.  The only one that wins is Tiffany or maybe not?  Deception went all three ways.  Erica doesn’t want people to thinking that she wanted this and she didn’t want to lose Rich.  Really????  How could you not want to lose Rich when you knowingly slept with Tiffany as Rich’s woman???  Too many questions.

For crying out loud!!!  Rich follows Erica for his final words or to repeat what he just told her.  Props to Erica for in some way admitting to regrets for hurting Rich.  Rich needs to realize he played an ill part in this as well.  If he admits that, then this chapter can close.  Still wondering if he fell for her beauty or her talent….uummm…It was neither, it was more likely the sex.

Joe and Tahiry go to the mountains…blah, blah, blah.  Get it over with already!  Oops forgot, ratings are everything.  Love and Hip Hop 3 has ListenSpeak’s vote.

Until next time…Best of Luck to the entire cast of Love and Hip Hop 3.

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