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Hollywood Divas

Hollywood Divas…Shade Already????

Hollywood Divas

Hollywood Divas

Aired:  10/8/14

What was gathered was five women would come together to give each other something that they felt was lacked in Hollywood…an African American Sisterhood.  Unfortunately the only display of Sisterhood was the hugs upon entering one another’s presence and those were not all genuine either.

Reality TV is a vessel that makes millions of dollars off of more drama than positivity.  I’m hoping that the industry doesn’t take advantage of these women, who seem to be in a vulnerable position because of lack of work.  These are five beautiful women (Elise Neal, Golden Brooks, Paula Jai Parker, Lisa Wu and Countess Vaughn) that have all made an impact in the entertainment industry.  The project idea is amazing, however, it seems to be personality conflicts from the door.  The shade that was thrown towards one another was heartbreaking.

This was week one and watching the upcoming season previews doesn’t look like it will get any better.  We also know previews can be misleading, so lets hope in this case it is.

Questions of the Week?

Was it a set up to put these ladies together?  Will these ladies pull together and find the #sisterhood?

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