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Method Man Slams Wendy Williams

This is a must watch!  Method Man goes in on Wendy Williams for revealing to the public his wife’s illness.  You can see that Method Man is hurt especially because he and his wife had not discussed her illness with their families yet.  Watch this explosive video and give your opinion.

MY Opinion

I know that it’s apart of the business when you are an entertainer.  However, entertainer’s families dealing with sensitive circumstances that include illness should be off limits.  If the entertainer themselves do not reveal this type of information, then it is no one else’s business to tell.  I think in this case Wendy Williams was absolutely and unequivocally wrong!

Was Wendy Williams out of line for revealing Method Man’s wife’s illness?

I’m SMarchel and Blog on it! It’s my Opinion!



2 thoughts on “Method Man Slams Wendy Williams

  1. Her entire show is an overstepping of boundaries. She relishes discussing others personal & private business. And anyone who relishes talking about others that much, ALWAYS has a skeleton bone or two, in their closet.. somewhere. Her bones will be found one day, because that’s how karma works. And from the sounds of Method Man.. her karma sounds like its on its way. – Y”I”F’knSI.

    Posted by YeaifuknSaidit Junior | October 9, 2014, 6:16 pm

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