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Teen Mom OG – Part 2 S6 Finale (Props to Maci, Amber and Catelynn)


Aired:  12/05/2016

It seems that Maci, Amber and Catelynn gave meaning to “United We Stand Divided We Fall”.  Over the years MTV has given pardons to Farrah constantly.  They always seem to move their schedules around to accommodate her.  Farrah knows it too and she takes full advantage of it.

Throughout this season and seasons prior Farrah constantly disrespected her mother, her father (whenever he is around), Simon, and her employees.  However, it is always swept under the rug.  Then she brings her “TV Audience” personality to the live shows and once again, she is forgiven and MTV prepares for the next season.

Dr. Drew is guilty as well, because he has influence to stop it by calling her out on her crap.   Even after Amber told him to stop letting Farrah get away with the things she does, her request was ignored.  Basically the show displays how these women are coping with every day life highs and lows and the hard knocks that come with it.  However, Farrah seems to be the one cast mate that lives with no financial issues, however, she treats everyone that comes into her path like dirt and MTV makes that ok.

Her mother’s fiancé called her on her crap, and finally Farrah’s weakness is revealed.  When she knows she is losing an argument, or she can’t counter on the truths that are being told to her she cries and leaves the scene.  Although she feels it was none of his business, if he is marrying her mother, then it is very much his business to defend his fiancé.

Still have not figured out how MTV thinks its ok to allow, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn to put all of their deepest trials and tribs on-screen, learning from their mistakes and growing from them.  Showing their happy times and their bad times and always following the rules.  However, when it comes to Farrah, the only thing that is shown is her bossing people, talking about people, and plain just being disrespectful.  Although it does show her juggling multiple businesses, which is commendable, her disrespectful ways overshadow her accomplishments.

Amber was one of the only ones that supported Farrah in the past when no one else would.  So for Farrah to say Matt looks like a pedophile was wrong on every level.  Therefore, anyone in Amber’s position would defend their man.  However, Amber should already know, the first thing Farrah will do is sue her, so she should refrain from ever putting her hands on Farrah, because that would certainly give Farrah the hands up to win in the courtroom.

Again, props to Maci, Amber and Catelynn for taking a stand and leaving the stage!

When do you think MTV will have enough of displaying Farrah’s disrespectful ways?

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