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Love and Hip Hop S7 E6 – Yandy’s Letter To Erika…

Episode  aired:  12/19/2016

Yandy has always been a boss!  Classy, taking care of business, and an excellent mom.  However, because we don’t get all the footage that is dropped on the floor and never making the show, it is very hard to tell what is really going on.

Are we to believe that Yandy really changed the locks on Erika knowing this would also make her step-son homeless?  Or,  did Yandy already have new living arrangements for Mendeecees Harris’s son with Erika?

We witnessed Erika actually going to her apartment and finding an envelope on her door as  she unsuccessfully try to enter her apartment with her key.  An apartment that Erika says only her and Mendeecees names are on the lease.  The note from Yandy reads as follows:

“I changed the locks.  If you have any questions or concerns about what wives do, come ask a wife.  You know where I’m at since you stalk my social media pages. I’ll be sure to post!

With Love,

MRS. Harris”

Yandy’s Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law made the suggestion for Yandy to change the locks.  You could see the surprise in Yandy’s face when they suggested it to her.  Which isn’t a surprise because the Yandy we know would never entertain such a negative gesture that could possibly jeopardize her step-son.
It’s sad to see these mothers divided, because the only real losers are the children.  They are siblings and it would really be nice to see the mom’s put their differences aside to make sure the children are active in one another’s lives.

Seems that Samantha and Erika may not be over Mendeecees, because if they were, it would not  be so much static to make sure the children see each other.

Hopes that this is resolved soon, because right now on the outside looking in, seems the children are used as pawns, simply because Mendeecees is not in a position to make sure the ladies get along.

Next week’s episode will show Erika and Yandy’s Face-Off regarding the locks being changed.  Hope no one gets hurt.


I’m SMarchel and Blog on it!  It’s my Opinion!

Who’s side are you on? Yandy or Erika?



2 thoughts on “Love and Hip Hop S7 E6 – Yandy’s Letter To Erika…

  1. I didn’t see this episode but this looks juicy!! I have to go watch!

    Posted by RaiasWorld | December 20, 2016, 11:51 am
  2. It’s on Demand! Raia

    Posted by smarchel | December 20, 2016, 11:55 am

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