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Love and Hip Hop S7 E6 – Yandy’s Letter To Erika…

Episode  aired:  12/19/2016 Yandy has always been a boss!  Classy, taking care of business, and an excellent mom.  However, because we don’t get all the footage that is dropped on the floor and never making the show, it is very hard to tell what is really going on. Are we to believe that Yandy really … Continue reading

Teen Mom OG – Part 2 S6 Finale (Props to Maci, Amber and Catelynn)

Aired:  12/05/2016 It seems that Maci, Amber and Catelynn gave meaning to “United We Stand Divided We Fall”.  Over the years MTV has given pardons to Farrah constantly.  They always seem to move their schedules around to accommodate her.  Farrah knows it too and she takes full advantage of it. Throughout this season and seasons … Continue reading

Queen Latifah Guest Editor For Essence Magazine

10/9/14 Congratulations to Queen Latifah on being a Guest Editor in Essence Magazine’s November 2014 Issue that will be available 10/10/14!  This is what she tweeted this morning. Hey everybody! Urs truly is the guest editor of @essencemag’s Nov. issue out 10/10 #ESSENCEMag http://t.co/A92p2IJMdG pic.twitter.com/mrd5WkZIV0 — Queen Latifah (@IAMQUEENLATIFAH) October 9, 2014

Method Man Slams Wendy Williams

This is a must watch!  Method Man goes in on Wendy Williams for revealing to the public his wife’s illness.  You can see that Method Man is hurt especially because he and his wife had not discussed her illness with their families yet.  Watch this explosive video and give your opinion. MY Opinion I know that … Continue reading

Hollywood Divas…Shade Already????

Aired:  10/8/14 What was gathered was five women would come together to give each other something that they felt was lacked in Hollywood…an African American Sisterhood.  Unfortunately the only display of Sisterhood was the hugs upon entering one another’s presence and those were not all genuine either. Reality TV is a vessel that makes millions … Continue reading

Thoughts on Trayvon Martin’s “Non-Justice”

July 13, 2013 A million things are going on in my head…I’m just going to start adding what I am feeling and what I am reading when it comes to tonight’s “Not Guilty” Verdict for George Zimmerman. You become Zimmerman when you retaliate the way he did…Just remember….You will not have the same NOT GUILTY … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 3 – Highs and Lows

Aired:  04/01/13 Erica went to blows with Tiff because you got it…She got busted.  Erica was sleeping with Rich Dollaz and Tiffany and he gave her every opportunity to admit it.  Erica being the hot head that she usually is just flipped out on Tiffany and started fighting Tiffany.  History has shown that when Erica … Continue reading

Married To Medicine – Class is a Choice These Ladies Don’t Always Choose

aired 03/31/13 “Quad has a lot to learn about being a Doctor’s wife” said by Kari.  One would have thought that Kari would  indulge her meaning of that statement but she excused herself from the conversation.  Looks like Kari can throw jabs but she cannot take them.  They should all take a page from the … Continue reading

Big Rich Atlanta – Kahdijiha Stands Strong – Katie Looks For Acceptance

Episode aired: 03/31/13 Kahdijiha has a tender moment with her mom (SHARLINDA).  Sharlinda is very upset about her daughter being arrested.  However, Kahdijiha is in fight mode and not letting Ashlee’s stunt in having her arrested stop her from living her life! Virginia, Harvin and Meyer attend Sharlinda’s birthday party although they continue to talk … Continue reading

ANTM – College Edition – Episode 1910

Aired:  11/02/2012 “The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra” SMarchel’s OPINION All the years that I have watched ANTM, anytime someone wins a challenge, I don’t care if it is two girls left in the group or ten, the person who won always jumps for joy!  It is a competition and everyone should be out … Continue reading