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Love and Hip Hop S7 E6 – Yandy’s Letter To Erika…

Episode  aired:  12/19/2016 Yandy has always been a boss!  Classy, taking care of business, and an excellent mom.  However, because we don’t get all the footage that is dropped on the floor and never making the show, it is very hard to tell what is really going on. Are we to believe that Yandy really … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 3 – Highs and Lows

Aired:  04/01/13 Erica went to blows with Tiff because you got it…She got busted.  Erica was sleeping with Rich Dollaz and Tiffany and he gave her every opportunity to admit it.  Erica being the hot head that she usually is just flipped out on Tiffany and started fighting Tiffany.  History has shown that when Erica … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Chrissy is the Women’s Anthem!

Episode aired:  1/10/2011 Hers is a test run of a Video Blog!  I will continue to submit typed Blogs, but I wanted to see if this works as well.  Let me know your opinion. Content of this Vlog Review: Chrissy’s Engagement Party Kimbella has a discussion with her mom Olivia Performs Teairra Discusses Emily and … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Kimbella and Erica’s Cat Fight

Episode aired:  12/26/2011 Here we go again!  Kimbella in the center of drama, but this go around it doesn’t seem as though it’s her fault.  Erica seems to have a problem with Kimbella’s hustle.  She basically put Kimbella on blast saying Kimbella brought the video modeling industry down because of practically doing them for free, … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Let Bygones Be Bygones…Move On!

Episode aired:  12/05/2011 Great move for Jim to incorporate Chrissy into the business!  Damn! I spoke to soon, it got to be straight on who works for who first, because apparently Chrissy is not going for the working for Jim thing.  Hopefully they can work it out and Move on! Hoping that Emily stops meeting … Continue reading

Kevin Risto Dirty Swift and Somaya in a Relationship?

11/29/2011 Gossip Report According to FamousHookups.com, Kevin Risto Dirty Swift who is a Music Producer for Midi Mafia is in a relationship with Somaya Reece from Reality Show “Love and Hip Hop 2”. The two have been dating since May 15, 2011. My Opinion With the violent history that Somaya has had, if this is … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Can We All Just Get Along?

Episode aired 11/8/2011 Yandy needs to take a step back, and critically think.  Yes, everybody is about making money, but a good business person NEVER lets anyone know what they are thinking.  Whenever you work for someone they are certainly supposed to be your priority, BUT the one thing you never express out loud that … Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop 2 – Kimbella Got Blasted in The Face!

Episode aired:  11/14/2011 This is going to be short and sweet!  Kimbella who is the girlfriend/baby momma of Juelz Santana needs to learn the street rule!  When you disrespect a Real Harlem Queen’s homey you either better be ready to back it up or learn how to DUCK!!!!  Kimbella took the wrong place and time to … Continue reading